Is it worth it to Join Club Cameron

wwpack7wwpack7 Members Posts: 24
Split from Cameron PGA thread
anybody a member of club cameron? is it worth the price? it would be nice to pick up some of the headcovers he comes out with but aside from that is it really worth it? thanks.


  • illinikyleillinikyle Tradition, Honor, Loyalty Members Posts: 889
    I'm a member and I enjoy it, but I only use it to buy the new gear when it comes out.
  • NSalvatoreNSalvatore Members Posts: 222
    Very much so worth it in my opnion. The simple yearly package that you get will more then pay for your membership...

    For example this years items will bring...Backpack(55-60),Headcover(35),Shirt(20),Hat(20), Pin and Sticker (10)...your looking at about 150 bucks if you parted it out and sold it, and the membership is 99.

    So yea, it more then pays for itself if youchoose, plus, in addition to buying items and limited 1st of500 items, you get awesome audio, studio thoughts interviews, a great new video player withinside looks, interviews etc at thestudio and also garage talk to interact and email back and forthwith Scotty....

    Very cool.
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