Urethane covered multilayer ball with lowest compression?

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Wich ball with urethane cover has the lowest compression and suits players with lower swingspeed(95-105mph)?


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    Bridgstone B330s comes to mind as a soft ball that works well at 90mph.

    From memory in the golf magazine ball test most of the urethane balls where within 8 yards of each other at 90mph except for the Nike Plat so i guess they're all ok for the slower swing speed.

    Do try the TM TP Red, soft feel but works well even for the slower SS.
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    first, i would say that a SS between 95-105 mph isn't a "lower" swing speed, merely just lower than a tour-level swing speed. i'd argue that is plenty enough swing speed for you to base a ball decision more on your preferred ball flight trajectory, short game characteristics, and feel.

    but if you want recommendations for a urethane ball for the lower swing speed (as in seeing optimal driver distance benefit), here's a few:

    Bridgestone B330-S

    Srixon Z-URS

    2007 TaylorMade TP Black/Red

    2008 TaylorMade TP Red/Black LDP

    Precept U-Tri Extra Distance (older ball by Bridgestone that is still a very nice ball, can be had for as little as $12.99/doz at RockBottomGolf.com; among other things, it features a double-dimple design that i believe probably inspired the Top-Flite/Callaway "dimple-in-dimple" design)

    not exactly urethane balls but products to consider:

    Maxfli Tour Fire (uses a cover made from "Iothane", which suggests that it's some type of urethane/ionomer blend; nonetheless, it's really soft, spins well, and can be had at Dick's Sporting Goods for $20/doz or less)

    TaylorMade Burner TP (same exact ball as the Maxfli Tour Fire, just no longer under the Maxfli brand name, costs $25/doz instead of $20/doz)

    Titleist NXT Tour (not gonna spin as well as any of the previous balls mentioned, though it's not bad in that department; it's soft and really long though) For me, it's longer than any of the balls i mentioned previously (caveat, i have not played the 2008 TaylorMade TP Red/Black LDP; i've tried all the others); i have a driver SS that averages between 87-97 mph. however, i prefer the other balls a bit more, as i like the superior short game control of the other balls more than i like an extra 5-7 yds. i do not have an official handicap, but i play bogey golf; i do everything pretty mediocrely. one of these days i'll be good, i hope.

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