How do u all vent on the course?



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    I vent by playing well and winning. nuff said....
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  • Dill PicklesonDill Pickleson Go Celts Members  3823WRX Points: 145Posts: 3,823 Titanium Tees
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    this may sound stupid but i try to hit a really good shot, once i hit a good shot it turns me right around, i think i might be bipolar on the golf course
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    Not to be a jerk, but could we all stop using the letter "u" to represent the word "you"? Prince did it about 20 years ago, so it's not "fresh" or "hot" anymore, and this isn't a character-limited text message.

    Rant over. I'll go back outside now and yell at the kids to get off my lawn.
  • oLaNuTTsoLaNuTTs Members  8WRX Points: 0Posts: 8
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    ive seen clubs fly...people fly...rants...raves...and tantrums...cracks me up...i just swear to myself and say any and every word in the just a beginner so im still learning every round...when my handicap gets under 20...then itll get worse...
  • on en tooon en too Members  8WRX Points: 55Posts: 8 Bunkers
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    basically you just have to be ok with the bad shot that you hit and you have to "face the facts" what helps to keep me going is knowing what you did wrong and being able to fix it. If your mistake was phisical then so what its going to happen and you cant let those get to you. Its a little harder to forget about mental mistakes cause those can eat at you. If you can eliminate mental mistakes and make good choices on the golf course you will be a great player.
  • KR619JCKR619JC Members  144WRX Points: 0Posts: 144
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    Taking a deep breath and a drink of water, helps me get the focus back and ready for the next shot. The main thing is, you just have to focus on your shot, and after the shot is over, its done, it can't be changed. It takes me about a minute between my club selection, pre shot reutine, and hitting the shot, and thats the only time you have to focus. If its a bad shot or the result you didn't want, forget about it, move on. Being bitter to your playing partners in a tournament is just plain rude, and hurts your reputation. I understand kids alot of kids, including myself, playing competitive junior golf are their trying to play in college, and feel pressure to go low, but thats no reason to not help your playing partner look for a lost ball, or help him with a ruling, no matter how many holes it happens.
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  • SupermanSuperman Members  205WRX Points: 0Posts: 205
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    It is really simple, slam a club down yell curses, have a temper tantrum for 5 seconds. Take 10-15 steps and then just focus on your surroundings. I just look at what is around me and think about the important people in my life. Then I walk up to my next shot, go through my routine and hit the shot... but make sure that there is a routine that you go through pre shot, that really helps to focus your energy, for me when i step back to pick an intermediate target, it is more of a focusing period... i think, okay, aim five yards left, play a gentle fade and relax... overall if you just play your game, you will be fine.

    And remember guys...ITS JUST A GAME!!
  • neeno120891neeno120891 Members  132WRX Points: 60Posts: 132 Fairways
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    emc wrote on Mar 13 2007, 02:26 AM:
    I just start playing a song in my head in between shots to cool me down.

    i always have a song in my head inbetween shots sometimes even when im about to hit, i find that tryin to remember as many of the lyrics as you can is a good one as you are so busy trying to remember the next word to the song that u are already nearly at your ball and forgotten the bad shot
  • steelmonkfruitsteelmonkfruit The Ball is your Friend! Members  292WRX Points: 0Posts: 292
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    this is why snack girls have beer
  • surfanimalsurfanimal Members  125WRX Points: 55Posts: 125 Bunkers
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    Call over the bev cart, order a whiskey on the rocks. Then proceed to take long breaths, think about what I did wrong, and what to do to fix it on my next shot.
  • sdf9235sdf9235 Members  135WRX Points: 0Posts: 135
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    i carry a few spare shafts in my bag that i can whip out and snap over my knee when i hit a bad shot its not as satisfactory as the real this but youve got to follow the 14 club rule
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  • mfreemanmfreeman Members  189WRX Points: 0Posts: 189
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    I just remind myself that come monday i will stuck behind a desk for 9-10 hours for the next 5 days so making a double bogey is not the end of the world. Golf is supposed to be a fun way to unwind from work. i am a 3 handicap and some days i don't break 80. so what?
  • inmensinmens Members  831WRX Points: 0Posts: 831
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    Work hard and learn to wait.
  • texashigh10texashigh10 Members  341WRX Points: 0Posts: 341
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    for some reason i just dont get angry, i could shank a shot and it wot bother me that much, i just play the next shot
  • birdiemachine11birdiemachine11 Members  454WRX Points: 61Posts: 454 Greens
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    I actually need a lot of help in this category. I hit one bad shot and I can't calm down.
  • DaveyHDaveyH Jr. Boomers  2139WRX Points: 55Posts: 2,139 Platinum Tees
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    tiger's 10 second rule works well for him and many other people!
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    a nice punch in the face does it for me
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  • oks871oks871 Members  898WRX Points: 87Posts: 898 Golden Tee
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    tame it out on something.

    like a playing partner.

    or a club.

  • funkyfedorafunkyfedora Members  2212WRX Points: 2Posts: 2,212 Platinum Tees
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    I put my hat on backwards and just stop thinking and hit my "natural" swing until i feel comfortable and then back to being serious.
  • HathstauwkHathstauwk Members  984WRX Points: 0Handicap: 7.7Posts: 984
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    I agree with KenkUS from above.......

    While I do not play nor have I ever played at a "high level" as traditionally defined (though at my best, I was a 5 index and for me that was a very high level - and playing around a 10 these days and fine with that, too, though obviously want to play better), I do many of the same things he does:

    If I hook/slice my ball into woods, bushes, whatever, I am hoping to find my ball and I love the challenge of executing a recovery shot. Yes, sometimes risky, sometimes safe little chip out (dang those are boring to do but sometimes the most prudent). I think of what I can do now that I have put myself into that position. Hitting into a bunker gives me the chance to see how well I can hit a bunker shot, playing smart or going at the pin, depending upon circumstances. It is all about the opportunity. I love the challenge that any shot presents, whether from fairway, trees, bushes, bunker, etc.

    If I hit a bad shot, there is nothing I can do about it as I have already hit it. I can only recover, see how I score the hole and try not to make the same mistake next time. I am human and will not be happy about it but these days, the worst I will let out is a "dang!" and yes, sounds geeky and all but between growing up cursing (never been a club thrower) and realizing how ridiculous it looks to others, I say why bother because all you can do is move forward and hit your next shot.

    I love playing and even the other day, I played my worst round in 7 yrs but was still having fun because I was playing golf. I still hit the odd shot that reminded me that I know how to hit a golf ball and heck, I only need one of those a round to keep me coming back!!!! Ok, so i will keep coming back even if I do not get one per round but you get my point.
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