You know you've got it bad when...

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One indicator for me:

You can't bring yourself to hit a new club or set because they're too **** pretty.

I have a black MD3 that's been sitting in the spare room that I occasionally go into and stare at the milling for a minute or two, then put it back. Meanwhile my old 58 degree looks like someone pulled it out of a dumpster. Also sitting on a new set of Vapor Pros that live the same pampered life. And they've all been sitting so long that I could have just bought them now for half the price.
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    When you pull out all of your 15 34" putters and realize they are not all the same length. Also realized that 33" may be the best fit.
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    Just hit them into the ground until they are used enough that you won’t care...they are tools of the trade not statues! I totally get it though!
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    Exactly, tools of the trade.

    I don't ever use iron cover's either.

    But, my Cameron and M4's do get covered religiously!
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    G.A.S. I don't understand it but apparently many are afflicted with it. Sell 'em.
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