Miura CB 1008 Black (prefer to sell heads only) Titleist C16 Driver

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Miura CB1008. Irons Sold

I bought these heads new and hit them 2 or 3 buckets on mats and 1 bucket of balls off the grass.

They are shafted with Modus 120S. New Iomic Sticky 2.3 Black

1* upright and +1/2" Titleist standard (64* 7 iron, 38.5" 5 iron)

My preference is to pull the heads and sell heads only but will sell them as assembled. PGA ValueGuide says $726-981 for satin choome. I say--

Heads only $750 OBO Shipped CONUS

As assembled $950 OBO Shipped CONUS

Face photos are in order 4 iron through PW.

Titleist C16


Headcover and wrench included. One neutral weight and one Draw/Fade included. PGA ValueGuide says $324-439. I say-

Head only $225 OBO

With shaft $275 OBO

I've got a boatload of Titleist shafts but would only part with the Diamana Blue 60S or the HZRDS Red 62X. Other Titleist shafts pictured not for sale.

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    Do you know the head weights?
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    mesomike wrote:

    Do you know the head weights?

    Dang. I didn't weigh them before I installed the shafts.

    I dry fit them with shafts I already had and they were D4 SW so I didn't bother weighing the heads as I was happy with D4.
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