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Adams A3 Boxer

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Introducing Boxer Technology,™ the latest breakthrough in hybrid shaping and performance—from the innovation leader, Adams Golf. You’ll get a straighter and longer ball flight with these new hybrids—thanks to the ultra-high MOI of Boxer Technology.




* Category leading MOI of 3350 results in easy to hit shots that are more forgiving, straighter and longer. 30% to 70% higher MOI than the leading hybrids.

* Low and deep center of gravity for easy to hit shots.

* Maraging steel, pull-face delivers our highest hybrid.

* COR for increased ball speed with improved sound.

* Milled face grooves offer more consistency and performance.

* A cambered sole designed to cut through turf interference, gets the ball up and into the air with a consistent smooth feel on every swing.

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Wow. These are WAY better than the Idea Pro. But because the Pro has the word "Pro" in the name, they will continue to sell better to many players.


The Boxer sets up square, if not a little bit open. For those who hook hybrids, this gives a great deal of confidence. I miss left with long clubs, and I can actually fade these babies. It only turns left if I consciously try to draw the ball. While I think working the ball on long approaches is overrated and unnecessarily risky, you can work these to your heart's content. On a second shot on a par 5, I sometimes want a fade or draw, but I never try to curve an approach to the green from 180+. I had no trouble getting the ball to curve left and right at will. I tried to hit the classic hybrid snap-hook and it required some serious effort to get the ball to snap left. Gentle draw? Piece of cake, just like a long iron.


The rectangular head isn't weird the way that a square driver is weird. It really looks just right to my eye. It's easy to set up and the face is the perfect hybrid shape -- the leading edge is just a little in front of the shaft, more than a long iron but less than a FW. In normal rough, it gets to the ball just fine. In deep rough -- reach for an iron. All hybrids have a tough time in deep rough.


The feel on balls struck properly is as smooth and compressive as any club I've ever hit. Just makes you smile. Distance seems normal -- the 3i and 4i that I bought went the distances I expect them to, and the ball flights were perfect. Not too high and not too screaming low.


The head cover has received some notice. It doesn't have a "sock." It's basically like a cell phone case; it fits over the head only. I LOVE this head cover! I hate putting socks on and off my hybrids, so I've carried them without covers in the past. Now, I'll use the covers and and not have my clubs all dinged up and rattling noisily. The cover slips off easily with one hand, you tuck it in your back pocket and then slip it back on the head with one hand. An ingenious design. Pure perfection.


Anyhoo -- I went down to the shop expecting to buy a Titleist 585. I saw these and hit both on the LM. This hybrid is in every way better than any I have ever hit. I have owned Cobra (two generations), Adams A2, Adams Idea Pro, Hibore, Nike, and TM Burner. The few I have left are going in the backup bag or on Ebay.

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Have been playing this hybrid for a few months now. I really, really like this club. I have battled a hook with hybrids. This is a very neutral club face, able to be worked, very forgiving. The shape at address is very nice. Similar to Sonartec MD, but easier to hit.

The stock Prolaunch shaft is great. I use this off the tee a lot. I find the 19 degree 3H almost as long as my 15 degree 3W but much easier to hit.

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Fantastic club. I've tried about every hybrid there is to be tried, and I agree with broochy that the look at address reminds me of the Sonartec MD. Very flat trajectory. Does not balloon like some of the others. Easy to hit out of varying lies. Solid feel and good sound off the clubface. Feel is similar to the Nickent 3DX. Very solid. Good distance, but not quite as explosive off the clubface as some of the Exotics hybrids I've borrowed. The Boxer is a solid contender. As with any club, try to demo before ordering.


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anybody knows how I can get this one customized?




i have this club in 22*, and i absolutely love it, it's the definition of a cannon. and contrary to what the '08 golf magazine clubtest said, this club IS very easy to work both ways. it's great off the deck and even better off the tee. the prolaunch red shaft provides a nice penetrating trajectory, but still with enough height to stop on greens. it's long, accurate, very consistent, and remarkably forgiving. the only issue i had was the headcover, the fact that it doesn't go past the actual clubhead was a bit annoying and i ended up losing it after my 3rd round playing with it...but aside from that, it's the perfect hybrid.

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-Z-Star XV 2021

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I own this hybrid in a 3 and 4. Overall I am satisfied with this club- I would say a 4 out of 5. Strengths are: forgiving, straight, easy to align, and a good stock shaft (ProLaunch Red- which is good for my swing given that it is a mid-trajectory shaft, since I tend to hit all clubs just a bit too high. However, I do think the Aldila VS Proto in the Adams Idea Pro is a superior shaft to the ProLaunch Red). Negatives: for me, my old Taylor Made Dual was longer and I also preferred the feel of the Dual over the A3. The feel of the A3 is very muted. I am OK with a muted feel, but I like to have just a bit of feedback to let me know miss-hits. With this club, miss-hits feel very similar to hits on the sweet spot, unless you really miss-hit. This is not a flaw in the club, it is just a personal preference I have and in hindsight, I think the Adams Idea Pro with the stock Aldila VS Proto would have been the better club for me. I hit both, but got a deal on the A3 Boxer, so that sealed the deal, but I am still happy with my purchase. Of course, the trade-off is that the A3 Boxer is more forgiving of miss-hits than the Idea Pro, so who knows......


Finally, while I like the looks and convenience of the headcover, the magnets in them are definitely NOT strong enough. If you ride and your clubs are always upright, then there is no problem. However, if you walk, the headcovers will very easily fall off. On my last outing, I had to walk back to holes twice to find the cover as I did not notice it fall off the club as I was walking and ended up losing it before the end of the round when it fell off a third time. If you walk, take the covers off and leave them in the car. I may fasten a stronger magnet to the inner liner of the cover and see if that works.

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I purchased an Adams Idea A3 Boxer #2 16* and put in a NVS-65R and this club is doing exactly what I wanted it to do, replace my #3 fairway wood and Adams Idea A2 #2 18* so that I can bring back my X-20 Tour #3 iron, I carry GW, PW, SW and LW.


This thing is so hot that the ball explodes off the face and I'm hitting it further than my Nike #3 f/way with alot more control.


It's just so pleasing to the eye.


Cheerz :fool: :partytime2: :man_in_love:

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After playing these in a 3 and 4 hybrid with ProLaunch Red shafts for a whole season, I am amending my earlier post. I would give these a 3 out of 5 rating. It might be the shafts, or the head/shaft combo, but after an early "just OK" experience, I gradually came to the realization that these clubs are not for me. I don't like the lack of feel in the club head. I really don't care for the feel of the shafts (although the trajectory- mid/high, is good)- I can't explain in words, but grew to strongly dislike this shaft. I ended up not liking the look of the club at address. Just personal preferences for me, but replaced these with Ping G10 hybrids with UST ProForce V2 shafts, and love them. I am not sure why Golf Digest rated these hybrids so favorably in 2008. Just my two cents, your mileage may vary.

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Mizuno JPX-900 Hybrid 21*
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Taylormade Spider Tour

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Probably the wrong place to put this, but I've got the A4 hybrid and my sentiments match Ugo DeRosa's in that there is absolutely no feel in this club. I can hit it, and hit it well, quite consistently too, but all I'm doing is just swinging the club like a robot as I've got no confidence in this club besides hitting it how I know it works.

It's quite an odd club as I am impressed with the result, but the completely dead feel and not even remotely knowing where the ball just came off the club, unless I get it right off the end of the heel or toe, just makes me feel a little numb.

It's a good solid game improvement club, but its certainly not for the serious golfer who values feedback.

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