Adidas Samba Golf Shoes and their alternatives

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Long story short, I start getting into golf as my current interest level a bit too late, seemingly. I've had my share of good golf shoes and have worn some very good ones along the way but, I guess you could say that none of them felt like they really have been a true 10 / 10 for me. Definitely a couple 7s, a few worse, one or two better (ranking wise).

I ran across an add from 2012 with Adidas Samba styled golf shoes. I've played soccer my whole life and and still wear these shoes to this both casually and indoor soccer. Obviously, I want about 10 pairs of these quick and fast. Can't find in my size for the life of me. I'm still searching somewhat with outlet stores and ebay and shops etc.

I am wondering, however, what is an alternative to installing spikes on regular shoes that we already have. I remember hearing about some but, not sure if they ever came to market. Does anyone recall these?

And, if you have the drop on some Samba golf shoes, would you let me know / put me in contact with any of the stores?


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    can't help you, just came here to say I had no idea these existed. Always have a pair of Samba classics on the go.
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    There are a couple pair of samba golf on ebay. Have you looked at the adicross golf option, they are a minimalist style golf shoe.
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    Sfd732 wrote:

    There are a couple pair of samba golf on ebay. Have you looked at the adicross golf option, they are a minimalist style golf shoe.

    Ebay, Craigslist, here, and a few other spots are my first stops when looking for anything golf related. I even called Adidas and pretty sure I connected to someone in Canada or France or I have no idea. No luck. No love.

    There is a company I have researched in the past and they are due to ship sometime soon, their first run of product. That is "Golf Kicks". They have a limited following on Facebook which pushes you to install spikes on your own shoes. Again, prelim stages and just into the market. That begs the question of durability, price, and even effectiveness of the product. Not to mention, a lot of the shoes that we wear for comfort and to play in might not be able to support the angle and foot movements stressed by golf movements. Now I'm thinking a bit too much.

    Adicross is actually my highest ranking owned shoe to date. Its the one that most resembles the Samba in feel, fit and function.
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    I have a white pair and a black pair still, don't use them that much, cause I want them to last a lot longer. The Adidas Adicross V basically has the same Samba/Gazelle upper, but I think the were spikeless, and no gum sole like the Samba. I'm sure you could find some Samba golf shoes still on ebay if you keep looking, but my only suggestion for now is the Adicross V if you like that look.
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    Puma makes something very similar to the samba. You may also be able to still find some of the adicross V shoes on amazon or ebay. They are both spikeless though, compared to the spiked sambas that came out a few years back. I've owned a few pair of the adicross models over the years and they provide plenty of grip and stability in most conditions.
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