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FIRE SALE! PING G400 MAX 9' $225 shipped! / Accra TOUR Z RPG 462M5+ $200 shipped!

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[MOD EDIT] blastereod is disputing the advertised condition of the driver head .

Ping G400 MAX 9 degree for sale...normal wear on the face, other than that looks great. It has some hot melt in the head to deaden the sound. Used it for 6 months. -$225 shipped paypal only

Ebay name is gra89hamm. Ive been an ebayer since 2009 with great feedback.

Accra tour Z RPG 462M5+ with ping adapter and tipped 1 inch. Also has a 1/2 inch extension in the butt end. Some small paint chips near the handle but just superficial. brand new gold pride mmc+4 grip installed. Plays to 45.5 inches -$200 Shipped paypal only

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