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Does anyone know of golferblood seller on eBay? He has listed a lot of Machine putters, I thought this company was questionably out of business or had orders not filled by customers. I was looking a couple years back at one, but the bad reviews at the time deterred me . Any thoughts from more informed folks? Thanks for any follow up


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    Here's a recent thread. The OP did say that he got the putters eventually. Perhaps reach out to golferblood with a question in advance to avoid any misunderstandings.


    My bag of hacking utensils;

    Titleist TS3 9.5 PX Even Flow White 6.0(45")
    917F2 16.5* Diamana D+ 80 stiff
    816H1 19 & 23 Speeder 8.8 stiff
    Z585 5-AW Modus 105 stiff
    J15CB 4-PW Modus 120 stiff
    TM MG Bronze, 52*, 56* & 60* Modus Wedge 115
    Bobby Grace LFI 43"

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    Thanks for the follow up info. = Informative

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    Chip Usher makes awesome putters. And he's as easy as a breeze on a spring day to deal with. :smile:

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    I've bought from him. Problem free, good communication. Can be slow as I think this is not his regular job. Do contact him, he's almost always responded to me quickly and has always been fair and helpful.

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