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Heading to HK next week for vacation. Anyone been lately? What are the chances of finding a pair of Jordans or other golf related attire/shoes? I will be hitting up Stanley and Temple St. night market. Any other suggestions?


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    You likely won't find any golf related stuff at the markets, possibly some fake Nike stuff but that's it. There are a lot of really cool small family owned golf shops in Hong Kong but apparel is lacking. If you want to find golf apparel you'll need to visit the big malls or branded stores. If you have any other Hong Kong related questions let me know.

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    ^I agree with Krazy, I don't ever recall seeing too much golf related apparel. Your best bet is to go into one of the larger sport chains (Marathon Sports) and checking out their golf section, if they even have one.

    In terms of regular Jordans/sneakers, there's a lot of sneaker shops in Mong Kok. They're all centrally located on one street literally called "Sneaker Street" in Cantonese. It's a pretty big street; you should be able to find it by just walking around Mong Kok. Have fun in HK! I miss that place!

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