Few Scottys...Buttonback, TeI3 “sole stamp, Kombi, Toulon Madison, Tensei Pro Orange - PRICE DROPS

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Have some unicorns and other great gear. Excellent feedback on the old site. All prices include PP fees and shipping. Feel free to make some offers. Worst I can say is no. 

  1. Custom Scotty Cameron Buttonback Newport with site dot, red dancing T grip (gamed), green paint fill, 20 gram Jackpot Johnny green weights. Had it extended to 35.5”. Played it some but still in phenomenal shape. One of the few putters that will never depreciate in value so not in a hurry to move it and hurts to even post it but figured I’d test the waters. Will advise potential buyer of reputable source I purchased putter from, but he’s a well known WRX member. $865.00.
  2. Unicorn and rare Scotty TeI3 “sole stamp” in MINT condition. Same putter Tiger used to win the ‘97 Masters. Saw reruns of that tourney just the other day and can confirm. Putter is mint with originals shaft stickers in tack and not even peeling. Original Art of Putting headcover also mint. Not quite sure how to price this but eBay has them at $1k+. Another flat stick I don’t think will ever depreciate in value. No COA but may can get my hands on it if necessary. Plays 35”. $650.00.
  3. Tensei Pro Orange 70tx v3 shaft with TM tip and GP NDMC align with two wraps. Plays 44.5”. I have no need to move it and may put it in the new driver. Steal it for $175.00 obro.
  4. Toulon Madison with optional counterbalanced SS GT tour pistol grip with headcover. Great shape. Plays 35”. Now $175.00 obro.
  5. Scotty Kombi with Flat cat grip. Both in great shape. Plays 35”. No headcover. Now $160.00 obro.
  6. Scotty Studio Select Newport black version. Great shape. Super stroke grip. Plays 34”. $Sold
  7. Taylormade P790 4-PW with DG 105 x100 shafts and tour velvet align grips. +.5” (based on new measurements used by TM but +.25” based on 2017 specs), standard l/l otherwise. Gamed but still in good shape. 8i and PW faces pictured but can send additional pics upon request. These irons are legit. I’m a 3 hdcp and have gamed them for a season with no regrets. Most people mistake them for blades. $Sold
  8. Tour issue Taylormade M4 9.5* driver head. 460cc. Current gamer. Do not have the spec sticker on this one but did purchase from reputable WRX member. CT is 248-9. $Sold. (Pending trade but nothing confirmed).
  9. Speeder 661 Evo III x flex driver shaft with Taylormade tip and like new GP ndmc Align grip with 2 wraps.  Plays at 45". Great shaft. Take it for $Sold.

Open to trade offers but really looking for cash. Will send additional pics upon request. PM for additional info. As always, thanks for looking.

***Additional pics added per requests.

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    Pm sent

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    pm sent

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    Interested in P790 4 iron if someone else wants 5-PW.

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    Please inbox me I can’t seem to pm you . Thank you

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    Sorry guys. Lots of inquiries on the BB and TeI3. I should’ve taken sole and top line pics but was rushed out of the house Friday afternoon. I’ll update the post and send additional pics Monday, maybe Tuesday, per those that have requested them. Out of town for the weekend.

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    PM sent.

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    Updated pics per numerous requests. Had a family member take them since I’m out of town, so clubs have not been cleaned at all.

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    Interested in 5-pw on the p790s. Saw someone comment before on just wanting the 4i. Will PM you.

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