Help with preventing rust from raw wedges

apocalypsem3apocalypsem3 Members Posts: 730
Hoppes Gun Oil / Perma Blu
Hey guys,

I was wondering how to prevent (at least for short while) rust from raw wedges. From what I have searched, I can either use Hoppes gun oil ...... or do a Perma Blu treatment on a raw wedge to prevent them from rusting.

Which method is a better way as in durability of treatment/ease of treatment?

Feel free to add in other methods that you thought worked better.



  • billybaubbillybaub Members Posts: 2
    i thought the idea of a raw wedge was to rust

    isnt it to increase spin

    mine are rusty and i love them

    cant really see why you want to stop a raw wedge from doing what it was designed to do
  • abewleyabewley Members Posts: 3,174
    just clean the well after every round.
  • RyunRyun Members Posts: 885
    If they get too rusty for your taste, soak em in coke over night and they will clear right up.

    But in my opinion, very little beats knocking an ole rusty wedge in to 2 feet

    "trusty rusty" as they say
  • apocalypsem3apocalypsem3 Members Posts: 730
    Well, I've never had a raw wedge before and I am worried the wedges will rust too much. Also, rust eats away the metal when it forms and I was wondering if anyone had a problem with mass loss from raw wedges. Would the grooves wear out before I see any significant loss in clubhead mass?
  • matt411matt411 Members Posts: 751
    I wouldn't worry about clubhead mass loss. The easiest way to get rust off of raw steel is with naval jelly. the stuff is like magic. just dont use it on chrome.
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