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Bending Irons the OTHER direction...
I want to bend a set of Titleist 735cm's that I have 2* weaker. Primarily I'd like to achieve more bounce. Will I notice 2*? The 735's have 8* of bounce in the PW, which would then go to 10*.

The weaker lofts don't bother me as I'll just hit the next number... The Nickent 3dx pro's I have now have a wider sole than the Titleist irons and I hit them better than the Titleist likely due to the wider sole and reduced digging. I'd like to modify the 735's to achieve the same 'wider sole' effect.

Good idea? Bad idea?

I mostly play firm conditions but my hands are well ahead of the clubhead @ impact and the wider soles of the 3dx Pro's never gave me a bit of trouble bouncing off the harder turf.


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    i got a idea would it be possible to grind off the leading edge and shape the base of the sole.

    its kinda hard to explain in words but say the sole of the club is flat to the ground like _ in normal position you could grind it so its \ maybe not that angle but you get the picture. the width of the club will all ways be the same but angle of the bounce will be improved so there will be more bounce angle.

    i am not up with the technical terms of the grind names so sorry image/drinks.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':drinks:' />
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    Whether or not you notice 2* of bounce has everything to do with your swing plane at impact, and the conditions you play. Those that notice bounce typically are sweepers/pickers like myself. Diggers .. dig, and bounce keeps them from digging deeper. As far as I am concerned wide soles with lots of bounce will have a derogatory effect off firm conditions, as they will bounce into the ball that much more.

    If your hands are well ahead of the clubhead at impact, sounds like you're delofting; which would make the wide sole and more bounce inconsequential ya think.

    I owned 735cm's when first introduced, nice clubs. I thought they had wide-soles compared to what I am use to. 735cm bounce numbers are PW-8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 in 2i. Adding bounce in shorter irons might benefit, but mid-long irons not so much.
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