Change in Moderating Standards for Hogan's Heroes Swing Forum

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It has been several months since the moderating staff at GolfWRX were forced to enact a much stricter set of standards for the Hogan' Heroes Swing Forum than we use in any other forum. We did this reluctantly but we felt that we needed to put a halt to a very bad tendency that had developed in the preceding months. The level of argumentative, disrespectful, and non-productive posts had grown to a level that was just not acceptable.

Since that time, we have noticed a change in tone for the better. We are now confident that we can once again treat the Hogan's Heroes Swing Forum as we treat the other forums, for the most part. The mandatory suspension for a first warning and ban for a second warning we have enforced have been relaxed. Instead, we will view warnings in the Hogan's Heroes Swing Forum as we do violations in any other forum. We will continue to require that members have 75 posts before posting in Hogan's Heroes. Please refer to the following thread for a discussion of the minimum post standards for Hogan's Heroes.

This change does not mean that we are willing to let things get out of hand again. We are hopful that our members understand our desire to once again have an active, respectful, productive swing forum at GolfWRX. We are confident you feel the same way.

Please, have fun and alway take the high road.
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