The Golf Swing Shirt Swing Trainer.....Endorsed By Jimmy Ballard and Padraig Harrington

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Hello WRX'ers...Please feel free to post your review of the Golf Swing Shirt and a video if


This is a short clip of Padraig Demonstrating the Golf Swing Shirt...


  • beutelwombbeutelwomb Members Posts: 291
    Give me one and i will write an extensive review...
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    beutelwomb wrote:

    Give me one and i will write an extensive review...

    Then that would not be fair to the thousands of golfers who already have purchased The Golf Swing Shirt , many of whom have written reviews.

    Isn't shooting lower scores worth $83.00 ?
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    It’s a really good aide. Has the common elements that IMO, define a good aide...easy to use, you don’t attach anything to your club, you use it while hitting balls, and it provides kinesthetic feedback.

    Keeps the arms/body connection, and helps tie the start of your swing to the finish seamlessly, club always in center. For any Ballard devotee in particular, it’s a must-have.
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