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Will a heel shafted putter help me??

I am a streaky putter. Want to be more consistant.

My bad stroke or miss always: aim left, then push or cut across the putt.

When I line up a string, chalk line, or line on the ball to the center of the cup and make my normal stroke I will always miss right!!

I prefer to not have a line on the ball..this way I "think" I aming properly (but deep down I know the truth )

If I line up the line on the ball to the center of the cup and i need to make the putt i move my putter closed or left then the ball will go in!!

I know this is no way to be a great putter....HELP

I have had tournament golf success with only centershafted putters? And no line on the ball. But my putting is streaky.

Someone told me........a heel shafted putter will allow me to aim more center or right??

Is this TRUE??

Anyone else had the same problem and fixed it with drills??



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    you have to figure out if your a straight back straight thru putter or if you are an open and closing putter. you are doing both at the same time now probably. opening the club on the backstroke and arking it to the inside, but not releasing the face closed, keeping it open and pushing the thrustroke straight thru (not arking back)
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    I was a straight back and straight thru putter, now im working on (Utley ) more of a arc or release strole

    Does the proper release for a arch stroke feel Closed and Left for a former straight back and staright thru person??
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    If you've determined that you are going to be an arc putter, either make or purchase a training aid that will help you develop the feel for making a proper stroke.

    The Putting Arc is very good:

    I'm sure there are many others. While working on you stroke I'd recommend putting a line on the ball to give you some visual feedback on how the ball is rolling off the putter face. Once you are able to roll the ball with no wobble to the line as it rotates, on a consistent basis, without the training aid, your stroke is probably pretty solid. Now it's just a matter of a good read and correct speed for the line.

    Good'll be much more consistent once the stroke is solid and repeatable.
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    thanks for the feedback

    after i read utleys book i was thinking of picking up the putting arc!!!
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    IMO it will difficult for you to be a very good putter when you aim your putter left and have to push the putt to make it. Why not consider getting fit for a putter that you can aim straight and then work on developing a stroke that is appropriate for a straight aim? Better to find a putter that aims straight than one that helps you push better. Or at least work with a putting coach who can help you learn how to aim better?

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    Buy Pat Obrien's DVD from Then purchase a SeeMore putter that fits your eye best.

    Lastly, make lots of putts and take all your friend's money while gambling on golf.

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