Central Florida Golf Course Memberships

Does anyone know any good courses offering cheap unlimited golf memberships in the central florida area? The only half decent one I have seen is Grand Cypress offering a 3,700 annual membership which is still a little out of my price range.


- Corb


  • buffettman20buffettman20 Members Posts: 62
    I'm quite sure what you mean by "Central Florida"... But here in Tampa there are many courses with great deals on memberships. I belong to Hunter's Green and Tampa Palms, both of which are great prices for the golf courses that you get to play.
  • Steve_FLASteve_FLA Members Posts: 206
    Rio Pinar in Orlando (use to host the Bay Hill Golf Tourny 25+ years ago...Citrus Open?) is $2,500 a year and waiving initiation fees for one year. Pretty nice old, mature course.

  • RJC59RJC59 Members Posts: 1,222
    Thank you, I may consider this one.
  • Teetogreen86Teetogreen86 Spongeworthy Members Posts: 1,177
    Yeah Rio is a decent course. Played there a couple times. Love the layout. It's pretty old school. Small greens and narrow fairways. Only complaint is the greens are slow most of the time.
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