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    Gxgolfer wrote on Aug 12 2006, 02:33 PM:

    I have grooved my swing using hinged drivers since I started. Previously using the Medicus, I felt it was unnaturally heavy. The head was smaller. The Refiner has a 460 cc head. The grip is better/more comfortable.

    They have since been incorporated into

    I have had both the Medicus and Refiner. The Refiner is as light as my own driver and I get the same sound as it whips down.

    I think that the Medicus double hinge is more hype than reality when it comes to it's 'advantage' over the Refiner.

    The Refiner features a clear grip to teach the proper hand/finger position. Overall, it is a better product.
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    I am not one to 'buy' into golf gadgets to help you swing/play better. I think some have merit, but most are just marketing ploys. I remember when I first saw the Medicus trainer I thought it was ridiculous, "they'll sell anything...".

    I am just getting back into the game after a 15 year layoff and I had my swing video-taped. I always thought I had a nice smooth swing. I'm a 12 HC and hit the ball fairly well. When I saw my swing I was shocked! My practice swing is good, but my impact swing is veryyyy flat. I never was able to get a good full turn since everytime I tried, my left shoulder would strain and not let me go back all the way. After seeing my video I realized that my turn is so flat that my chest is kind of getting in the way not permitting me to take a full turn. Also I am getting older and not as flexible. I really want to change my swing so I took a few lessons. Although the Pro reinforced what I thought, he would give me drills to do, but practicing alone, at a range, it is hard for me to tell if I'm taking the club more up-right like I should.

    I read reviews on the hinged clubs and the one thing they claim to help was getting your swing on plane. The club will give you instant feedback and only work if you swing it properly. I couldn't believe I was going to buy a 'golf gadget'. I didn't want to spend the $120 for the Medicus so I bought the 'Refiner'. It is half the cost and the reviews have been good.

    When I first tried the club, it hinged on my flat swing, everytime. I started to swing more upright and it STILL hinged. When I looked at the swing in the mirror, I noticed that even though I thought the swing was correct and on plane, it wasn't. To me, that made the purchase worth it. If I would have gone to the range and swung more upright, I would have thought everything was fine and then eventually would have seen on a video tape that it was still inside/flat. After about 15 minutes, I was swinging the club better and the club was not hinging. This is the feedback I wanted. Of course, I still do not have the consistency down yet, but the club let's me know that. Eventually, I'm sure I will get the swing into memory and this is the whole point of the purchase.

    The club is similar to a 7 iron and has the same weight as a normal club. They give you an adjustment tool to make the hinge more/less responsive and you have to tinker with this to get it where you want. The factory setting was good at first, but I have since made it a little more sensitive. The only thing I can't figure out is that the manual says it will hinge if your grip is too tight. I have taken a death grip on it and it doesn't hinge at all. I quess they feel that if you grip it too tight, your swing speed/plane will be off and it will break.

    The only con I have is that if you take the club back quickly, it will hinge. But I have taken it back pretty slow and it still breaks. Even if you adjust the tension for more stiff, it will still break. You have to take it back REAL slow, which may not be too some peoples liking.

    So far I really like this training aid. I believe it will definately help me get my swing on the proper plane. It's a quality product and very reasonably priced.

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