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So, some of you may have seen where the Tour experimented with Sunday starts to have coverage Mon. and Tues. when the PGA is between tournaments. Seems like between the LPGA, Champions,, and PGA they could coordinate to have event coverage nearly everyday, so what gives? Obviously live ticket sales is going to be higher Sat. and Sun. but wouldn't the tv exposure trump the difference in door money. Hard core fans are going to take off work anyways. I'd be much more likely to watch, would you?


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    Oh good lord no.
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    I don't think it's feasible to move the because a some of those guys also try to play PGA Tour events. They'd miss out on Monday qualifiers and if they make the cut on the PGA Tour event they'd miss the next event.

    I could see the LPGA or Senior Tour moving to those dates though on some weeks.
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