Arccos Putter Sensor w Counter Balance Grip

pschmitt712pschmitt712 Featured Writer @GolfWRXMembers Posts: 130 ✭✭
So I now know that the Arccos Putter sensor is not compatible with a super stroke countercore grip. Has anyone already been down the road of modifying either the sensor or the grip so they will work with each other somehow? Would like to come up with a solution that's reversible in case I switch putters (again). Cheers!!


  • HarrisonBBHarrisonBB Members Posts: 14
    I have a SuperStroke Pistol GTR 2.0 CounterCore grip and I just cut the "****" piece off the bottom of the sensor to make it as flat as possible, then bought a 3M heavy-duty double sided command strip and stuck it on the top of my putter grip. I finished it up by wrapping electrical tape around the top of the grip and up to the sensor to ensure it didn't go anywhere. In fact I took the electrical tape and wrapped all the tops of my grips up around the sensors to ensure they didn't work their way out of the end of the grips. It doesn't look 100% perfect, but I gets the job done.
  • pschmitt712pschmitt712 Featured Writer @GolfWRX Members Posts: 130 ✭✭
    Yeah I was thinking of doing something similar but was hoping for a more elegant solution. Oh well. Thanks
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    I used a hot glue gun, not sure if that's more elegant.
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    I did the same, but I just used super glue. Had to switch it to a new putter recently and did the same thing. I wish there was a way they could implement into fitting those grips somehow
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    Pretty much did the same as Harrison BB
    1. Cut off most of the tip of the **** piece
      • I left a little nub to fit into the hex key hole on the butt of the grip to keep the sensor centered

    • Whittle down the nub so it will fit into the hex hole and sit flush
    • Cut squares of Scotch Extremely Strong Mounting Tape and apply to sensor
      • Cut a hole in the middle of the square, I used a utility knife to cut an X so the nub could poke through
      • Trim excess tape, including around the nub
      • Layer until flush with lip of sensor, in order to make contact with the end of the grip, I used 3 layers
    • Apply sensor to putter

    Looks pretty stock and the adhesive set pretty quick. 2nd pic is me holding the putter by the sensor just a minute or so after application. Letting it cure sitting in the bag. You could probably even cut the lip of the sensor off and get it to sit even further down. Shoulda taken more pics but it's pretty self explanatory
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