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Hello everyone!

I've the following dilemma, I've been fitted 2 years ago, the clubfitter cut half inch from my irons to adjust the lie according to my height (175cm / 5'9")

since then I started studying how to measure swing weight, loft lie and got a lot of clubfitting/making info on this forum..

now, after trying an old set of irons (ben hogan apex II) for a couple of rounds I realized my modern set isn't working for me..

I measured both old and modern irons and came up to light that the apex II are D3 swing weight, mine are between c8/c9

when the fitter cut that half inch didn't do anything to weight it back to the original..

what should I do?

would be better to put a weight in the tip or to swap shaft for something heavier? I can do both by myself now, no intentions to go back to the same fitter

thanks for the help!
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    Easiest thing to do would to be adjusting them with lead tape. 2 grams will equal 1 swing weight point. Take your favorite iron and add lead tape bit by bit till you get to where it feels good. After that it's up to you. You can adjust each iron with tape or rebuild them and use tip weights once you figure out what SW you want to achieve. Measure each iron though. Your 8 iron might need 6 grams But your 5 iron may need just 4 grams to get there.

    ETA - as far as a heavier shaft it takes 9 or 10 grams or shaft weight to affect swingweight. And that's not taking into account balance points of different shafts. A KBS shaft at 130 grams can swingweight 2 pts lighter than a dyNami gold shaft at 128 grams all due to balance points.
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