What length will my CB2 3 wood play

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Hi Tech Experts,

I have a TEE CB2 3 wood that I bought ages ago new off of the bay. I've never bothered to look at the length but it seems it might play over length if i'm measuring correctly. I measure it at 43.5 - 44 inches from butt to heel/sole depending if I go to where it sits on the ground.

I want to swap the stock shaft out for a Aldila tour blue 75g that I picked up used. The tour blue has a TM tip on it but if I measure to where the tip of the shaft would end in the adapter, it measures 41 inches.

If I have this installed in the CB2 head what length will it play? I've never installed a shaft so I don't know how deep the shaft will go in to the head. I don't mind having it play 42-43. I'm guessing it will be 42.5-43

Or simply put, how far in to the head does the shaft go in a CB2?

And more importantly, how will this tour blue 75 play in the CB2 image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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