WRX Spotlight: Criquet shirts

Product: Criquet shirts

Pitch: From Criquet: "With nostalgia and the spirit of Ty Webb in mind, we set out to make our own version of an iconic shirt: the Players Shirt. It’s a modern classic, and no matter how good your game or what the occasion, it’s the perfect polo. Unbelievably soft and effortlessly stylish. That’s where we started, and we haven’t stopped since."


Our Take on Criquet shirts

Right off the bat these polos from Criquet shout throwback. These shirts are not the flashy types loaded with designs that you might expect to see in the 2019 market, but instead, they cater to a different crowd than the modern day athlete. Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown founded Criquet, whose shirts are designed with not just the golf course in mind, but also the "19th hole."

One of the main features of Criquet's shirts, which undoubtedly gives it that vintage look, is their 4-button placket and crisp, stylish looking collar.

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