KBS Tour in Vokey

williazawilliaza Members Posts: 249 ✭✭

Anyone play KBS Tour S in Vokey? Does it lower the SW? I understand its lighter but does it play 2 additional SW points lower? Will a standard Vokey play at d2 with a KBS Tour S shaft?

Thank you


  • semarlorsemarlor Charlotte, NCMembers Posts: 608 ✭✭

    Depends on the length of the build and the head weight. I just put KBS Tours into SM7 50, 54 and 58. I added small tip weights to the 50 and 54 to raise the swingweight but the 58 was heavy enough on its own since I play it 1/4" over standard (same length as the 54.) I wanted to get them to D2 with midsize grips so if you're playing a normal grip, you'll prob be over D2 or can easily add weight to get where you want.

  • williazawilliaza Members Posts: 249 ✭✭

    So, am i safe to assume that if listed SW is D5 the KBS Tours should bring those clubs to D3 but probably not any lower?

  • Tdogg1690Tdogg1690 Members Posts: 9 ✭✭

    I play KBS TOUR custom x flex in mine all built to 35.5 and they swing weight d4, d7(came with a jammed tip weight), d7

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