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South Jersey Private Clubs

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Hello all, Looking to join a club in South Jersey with the following criteria if possible:

-High(er) end conditions

-Stimulating layout that demands you to play most clubs in the bag

-Great membership group (fellas that are fun, like to have beverages, great clubhouse and bar scene, not crusty and too stiff but respect the game)

-Reasonable initiation (25K or less)

-Reasonable annuals ($3-$5K)

-Walkable course

-Good practice facility is a plus

-Reciprocal privileges either formally, or informally through the Pro are a major bonus

I've been hearing good things about Tavistock, although the course is a little short, flat and can be boring for stretches. It would check most of the boxes... Trump is a good layout but unwalkable (I think?) but has a pool for the wife. Little Mill is a bit far from my preferred area but could be swayed if it has glowing reviews... Laurel Creek is ok - but seems more like a "country club" than a golf club. Want something within a 10-20 mi radius of Center City, ideally on the Jersey side of the bridges.

Any suggestions or feedback?

Much appreciated!




  • PreppySlapCutPreppySlapCut This is just babytown frolics...  6555WRX Points: 241Members Posts: 6,555
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    Based on your criteria, you’re not going to beat Tavistock. I’ve always had a good time playing Little Mill in tournaments, and they have a strong group of players, but beyond that I know nothing else about the club/membership.

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  • jibbs1082jibbs1082  17WRX Points: 16Handicap: 10.5Members Posts: 17
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    Anyone have any experience with walking Trump Phila? Do they offer caddies?

  • ButterCutter2ButterCutter2 NYC 338WRX Points: 95Handicap: 4Members Posts: 338
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  • jibbs1082jibbs1082  17WRX Points: 16Handicap: 10.5Members Posts: 17
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    Dues I listed are preferred, but can be swayed if its worth the golf. I've played there, and have their packages...just not sure if I love it enough for the cost, plus its out of the way and more difficult to stop in for practice or a quick 9 (ideally walking) after work. I can't remember if anytime I have been there, people have been walking or not. Reciprocity with other Trump properties (Bedminster, DC etc is a huge plus in this scenario though... along with the pool and facilities).

    Any experience with Riverton, I know there is a large restore going on there as well

  • NJgolfer11NJgolfer11  161WRX Points: 82Handicap: 8Members Posts: 161
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    I played Riverton a few years ago. The course was not too bad and the dues seemed reasonable. I would check it out.

  • jibbs1082jibbs1082  17WRX Points: 16Handicap: 10.5Members Posts: 17
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    I guess I forgot to mention, I would like to use the course for business as well, and bring out some high end guests I do business with. So a solid track always helps lure people out. Just sucks because on the PA side of the city, there are so many options of great historic golf (Cricket, Phila CC, Waynesboro, Radnor, Overbrook, Rolling Green, Mannys , etc etc)

    -Frustrated South Jersey golfer

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  • ButterCutter2ButterCutter2 NYC 338WRX Points: 95Handicap: 4Members Posts: 338
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    i've heard mixed things on the efficacy of reciprocity with trump properties. i think being a member of philadelphia can get you on some of their other places, but not all. even such, it's not true reciprocity like for a cart fee, they charge an exorbitant guest fee even for members at other trump places (not surprising unfortunately).

  • jibbs1082jibbs1082  17WRX Points: 16Handicap: 10.5Members Posts: 17
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    Valid point on the Trump reciprocity - probably a $350 round elseware.

  • Noyes26Noyes26  1906WRX Points: 109Handicap: 6Members Posts: 1,906
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    If you want to use it for more business then fun and good golf you will need to go Laurel Creek or Tavistock. Tavi I know has a waiting list. Condition wise I would say Tavi over LC. Lay out wise LC is great as long as you are okay with all the houses on the course. Range is a problem at Tavistock. You can also throw Riverton into this category I’m just not sure I’d love playing there as my primary 40-60 rounds a year. And if you think Tavistock is short... Riverton will feel even shorter imo. Laurel Creek is def a cart club as well. Really don’t see much walking there. Riverton and Tavi both have caddy programs.

    Trump would give you the benefit of taking clients and will give you that wow factor driving up. It is not at all walkable. Especially in the humid summer months. Not the best place to find a game either. The “reciprocal” with other Trump courses is honestly a joke. You will pay full unaccompanied rates. I had a good laugh over it when I was looking there a few years back.

    Little Mill is great golf but will not give you the thrills and frills it sounds like you are looking for. I am a member there if you had any questions about behind the scenes stuff. If you want 27 holes, walkable, good groups of guys and play

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  • dankil13dankil13  69WRX Points: 73Members Posts: 69
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    Medford Village might be worth checking out. Its similar to Little Mill but with a pool (but about 10 mins further from CC Philly). Course conditions last year was fantastic. Hard to beat the value (no initiation and dues are $4400 for the +40 crowd). Downsides are walking is restricted to after 11 on weekends and 1pm weekdays.

  • tjcarsillotjcarsillo  7WRX Points: 10Members Posts: 7
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    I am a new Riverton member. The course can be played at all aspects, cart, walking, and caddy. I find the back tees to be plenty long at 6800 yards. What brought me there was the members. Great group of guys that are active at the course. Conditions were fantastic in 2019. Initation and dues are reasonable. PM me if you have any questions.

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  • woofelfinwoofelfin  354WRX Points: 73Members Posts: 354
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    Great info here posted. Don't think any place will 100% check off everything you want but LC will be close.

    I was a member at Laurel Creek for a bit. It will give you that high end feel, really nice for taking clients (especially rolling up to the first hole crossing the bridge). They just redid the clubhouse and bar there and its really changed the feel for the better. Its definitely a tougher course then Tavisstock and can beat you up on off days.

    High end conditions, place is always immaculate and really nice practice/ range setup. They don't have tee times early on the weekend mornings they keep it open for member games. Really good time and competitive. Not sure what the initiation is currently but they have a great deal a few yrs back.

    annuals will prob be closer to 7-10k tho. (haven't seen the 2020 pricing).

    I have walked it multiply times and you can walk it anytime anyday but its almost unheard of there. People look at you crazy when you do. upwards of a 7-8 mile walk. I've never seen a caddie there.

    I personally like Tavisstock course and feel better, playing there as a guest for years. Alot more playable and easier to score. Better for walking (caddie program as mentioned above). But hear it is tough to get prime tee time slots. A little more stuffy old money feel then LC. They still have a waiting list and the 25k buy in was to high for me but annuals will be more in your range. When i was looking into they told me to become a social member for a few yrs with the hope of eventually getting in. Range max's out at around 160 yards- they have had talks about putting a full one in but nothing has been done yet to my knowledge. Mens grill room is awesome there.


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