Game:What would you hit?



  • Baillie-lorettoBaillie-loretto Members Posts: 42
    risk and re-ward!

    your not going to log on to and see what people say are you!! when your on the course do whatever you want just dont make a 10 or something!!
  • seansterseanster Members Posts: 13
    That kinda defeats the purpose of this fictional game. Besides, it kinda makes you think about your course management and shot selection...and it's just for a little fun.

    To reply emc...13 clubs with a chance for an extra driver? Nah, a wedge is better.

    You're all even in a matchplay event against Adam Scott, but on the last hole in regulation he just used the coveted hand wedge to escape a tricky shot behind a tree...and surprisingly, nobody saw it. Of course, he won the hole, and the match, took home 1 million $...and your girlfriend/sweetheart dumped you for him right after that.

    You see him on the range later inches away from you...and nobody's around. You have two choices to kill him:

    -full blown 140 mph driver swing with 210 mph ball speed to his head


    -2 iron stinger to the 'groin area'

    What would you hit? =P
  • DaveyHDaveyH Jr. Boomers Posts: 2,139
    groin area:) well hed be no use to her would he?

    You have just slapped your drive into the car park straight through the window of a ferrari enzo!!What would you do?
  • i_luv_golf_i_luv_golf_ Jr. Boomers Posts: 428

    and hide behind a tree! Lol image/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Which would ytou rather have?

    60 Foot Putt OR 80 Foot Bump n Run
  • DaveyHDaveyH Jr. Boomers Posts: 2,139
    80 foot bump and run used to these playing links courses : /

    what would you do if you were winning a tourny by one shot then went into a water hazard,Go in and play it or take the drop?
  • AlbatrosAlbatros Members Posts: 459
    Play outside the hole and let it die in the cup.

    Your driving your cart and the breaks go out just as you approach a lake. You safely dive out of the cart onto the grass and watch as the cart pulls a Dukes of Hazard straight into the lake with your brand new stick still attached on the back. It sinks so it can't be seen.

    Do you dive in after your clubs, or wait for the course to retrieve the cart?
  • DaveyHDaveyH Jr. Boomers Posts: 2,139
    dive in for the clubs and scrape out as many balls as possible!!!

    You have just found out youve bought a fake scotty cameron claimed to be that of tiger woods what do you do?
  • emcemc Jr. Boomers Posts: 987
    Realize that Tiger would never be so stupid as to sell his putter!

    You're 30 yards short in the fairway. The flag is on 5 yards and it's all downhill fairway to the green. Bumbp & Run or Floperoo?
  • bucketmiz60bucketmiz60 Jr. Boomers Posts: 252
    id open up the face a bunch, quick swinging low spinner, stops on a dime then spins back a few feet, gorgeous looking pro shot from a tight-ish lie.

    Okay, 18th hole, your down by one shot. Hole is only 390 yards and is a hard dogleg right. Your opponent hits hybrid down the fairway and stays out of trouble, having around 175 into the green. If you cut off all of the trees and ob on the right, which means a completely blind tee shot, you may have 60 yards or less to a bunker guarded green. What do you do, hit a high bombed driver with extreme confidence, (because if you dont have confidence, your ob, and probably tooo far right!) or do you get out the hybrid and hit it an easy 220?

    What would YOU do???
  • emcemc Jr. Boomers Posts: 987
    Hit rescue out to the corner of the dogleg. 175 is an iffy distance to make par on the last hole with pressure on.

    You're 1 ahead on 18, and your opponent hits it to 6 feet for bird, bu it's a little slippy down the hill. You are 7 iron distance out with the flag cut close to a bunker. Do you play out safe 40 feet away and risk a 3 putt or do you go for it?
  • boris58boris58 Members Posts: 15
    i would try to not think about the water and if i was in between clubs i would hit the more lofted one because my adreneline is pumping and you know youre not gonna baby it
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