AJGA vs. FCWT vs. IJGA vs. USchallenge cup

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whichone is worth the hefty price tags on tournaments?
All three of the major junior tours come with a large price on individual tournaments. Which one of the three do you gys prefer? I'm planning to play events with all three in the spring because not too many come up this far north, but which ones should I treat as priorities? What are your experiences with these tournaments? How can exemptions be earned?


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    I play AJGA and FCWT and i think that they are the ones to play to get noticed. I might sign up for the IJGA but since not many events in that come anywhere my way i havnt done that one in the past. The AJGA has been great giving me a lot of experience on different courses and it gives my game exposure to colleges so hopefully i can get a scholarship some day.
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    Ok. Well i play AJGA, FCWT and IJGT** (not IJGA, thats the academy)

    AJGA is different from both of them. AJGA are the highest and best national ranked tournaments. You have to have exemptions to play in the tournaments. Besides the preseason juniors whereas it is first come first serve. AJGA is only played during the months of march-september besides 1 or 2 tournaments.

    FCWT and IJGT are a winter tour from September-May. These 2 tours are about the same strength in golfweek rankings, it is just depending about which tournaments you play. These 2 tours can be a place for players to EARN AJGA exemptions to play in thier tournaments. These 2 tours are a first come first serve basis except for invitationals.

    During the winter, these 2 tours are pretty good with being able to earn exemptions. BUT there are alot more tours that get over looked such as the PJGT, FJT, and individual tournaments such as the junior heritage.

    About US challenge cup, i don't know enough information to give good enough facts about that.
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    The us challenge cup is a excellent little tour. They offer qualifiers to big events such as orange bowl and scotts robertson memorial, they also have a number of 2 day invitational tournaments. The competition is very solid and there are a couple of top 250 juniors who play in a number of events. These events are also very reasonabily priced the 2 day events are like $150 vs $400 for an IJGT or an FCWT. I wouldn't base a whole season on challenge cup events but they excellent experience gainers and warm up tournaments for large tournaments. If you haven't done much on the national level then I would start with Challenge Cup's to build your confidence and experience.
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    florida junior tour has better feilds then IJGT
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    RJC59 wrote on Nov 27 2006, 11:44 PM:

    florida junior tour has better feilds then IJGT

    I would agree on that one. The FJT tournaments are pretty strong and the 54 hole events are even stronger. I believe the winner gets somewhere around 3 exemptions towards AJGA.
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    AJGA is by far the best with courses and strength of field but IJGT plays some legit courses: Torrey pines sand piper, sea island, just the fields are weak.
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