All 303 Stainless: Made From Recycled Forks and Knives?

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Can the experts please chime in...
I came across one of the sites of one of the more popular putter brands whose product lines are made from stainless steel. The write-up on the site dealing with that topic said: "[Stainless Steel] is made in United States and recycled from knives and forks."

Does this hold true for all grades of 303 stainless steel used by the putter makers here? Or is this only on a case-to-case basis and this particular putter maker I quoted is one of the few?

It would sure be odd to imagine that whatever you are putting with came from recycled forks and knives. Since I am not from the USA, I would also like to ask: Is it common practice for someone to come knocking at your door asking for hand-me-down forks and knives?

I hope many putter makers or sponsors here can chime in about what exactly their 303 stainless steel consists of.



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    303 stainless steel is 303 stainless. Really doesn't matter how its acquired and probably is good from an environmental perspective if its from recycled material.
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