TaylorMade Penta



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    Picked up a dozen Penta TP practice balls at Golf Town for 15$......yup ...15 bucks.

    I used to buy ProV'1's by the hundred and now I am offically a Taylormade Penta player....even bought a Taylormade Penta hat after two rounds with these bad boys.

    I had several pitch and chip shots then I thought were going to roll right through past the hole 10ft on firm greens but every time I hit a chip shot with the Penta the ball would take one hop and spin forward a little and stop with loads of backspin....incredible.

    Averaging about 15 more yards off my driver with these too.

    I used to carry the ball about 280 yds with the ProV1's ....Now they are launching extremely low and getting farther carry and more roll when they hit the fairway..

    Averaging about 300-305 yards now off the driver with the penta's.


    Taylormade is my god.
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    I play Penta now. I love them! Use to play the Prov1, then started playing the Srixon, Bridgestone, back to Prov1 and now Penta.
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    played for years, like everybody the V1.

    After geeting a free sleeve i had a hard time to say my V1 goodby.

    Now that i found the "mypenta" Deal i'm totaly crazy about this ball.
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    I agree with the majority of Penta comments posted here except durability. The spin you can generate is comparable if not better than a Pro V1 but it's rare that I hit a full wedge Penta from the fairway and there isn't a scuff, nick or cut on the surface relegating it to the shag bag. Would buy and play them all the time if that wasn't the case.
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    spun alot and felt soft around the greens but it seemed short
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    I agree with FSF

    Good spin, excellent feel, but definitely shorter than my Pro V1x. Didn't do too well in windy conditions either.

    Just my 2 cents...
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    I've only had limited use (playing a ball I found) but had interesting results.

    The driver was similar in distance to a proV, maybe a bit less, but nothing too shocking.

    My irons were all MUCH longer...Iike airmailing two greens and wondering what the heck happend longer.

    I don't remember anything remarkable about the feel of the chip shots and putts I made with the Penta.

    I will probably buy some to do some more testing.

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    [size="3"]The Penta TP is my prefered ball. Beats the Titleist Pro-V-1 and the Pro-V-1X hands down. Soft off the driver with great distance for me. My long and mid irons hardly feel the ball when struck properly. Around the green this ball really shines. I can spin to back-up or stop with all clubs from an 8 iron on down to a lob wedge with good control. Sweet off a putter. The cover is perfect. I can't ask for more. [/size]
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    The Penta TP Practice balls went to $20 per dozen.. Anybody have some insight into the differences and whether it would be alright to stock up on these instead of paying double for the black box?
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    I prefer it over the Pro V1X. Less distance but I like the feel around the greens and from <100 yds in.
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    Like many, gave the Penta a try on the "buy 2 get 1" deal, was very pleased with the feel, no noticeable change in distance for me, good value for a premium ball. Keeper . . .
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    Awesome ball!!!
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    New Penta TP5 is an enormous improvement over the old Penta. Much better off the tee in distance and less spin

  • BadWoundBadWound Poorest golfer you'll ever meet Members  105WRX Points: 0Posts: 105
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    I decided to switch to the pent last year and I love the fact that my irons don't chew up the cover like they do on the pro vs. I'm not worried about distance off the tee so I'm more worried on how the ball feels with the real metal and how it feels on the green. So with both the irons and the putter I absolutly love the feel of the pentas! So it's going to take a lot of hoopla to get me to try another ball for awhile!
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    I love 'em... got a hole in one with a borrowed TP5 and have never looked back. I have since left the ProV's in the bag.
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    Had this ball from when it first came out. Excellent distance off the tee but not too great of spin from short shots around the green. I have found a few different balls that are better around the green but their driver distance is a tad shorter.
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    I love the penta, it's quite unique.

    I used to play with the prov1x, but penta kicked it out of the bag ...

    I thought it was because of my swing speed, but the numbers on the Penta are ridiculously awesome..

    I'm talking about a 1000 point change in spin rate...

    With the same driver, same swing, same everything..

    Wish I knew what it was but I'll take it..

    They're super cheap at golf galaxy

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    I used to love playing this ball, but then I couldn't find them anymore. How does the new TP5/5x compare to this ball for playability?
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    If you want a modern version of a balata this is it. Fun for practice but if you are keeping score might want a prov1

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