best stand bag for under $200?

I would like to hear you opinions on the best stand bag under $200 and why it is the best in your opinion.


  • tmoney2356tmoney2356 Members Posts: 2
    i own the Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5. I had well over 200 to spend on a bag but chose this one because of the company's reputation. Sun Mountain makes all the bags for Titleist. The bag is rip-proof and everything...a great bag
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Guests Posts: 0
    Can not beat ANY Sun Mountain bag. I think all are under $200

    If you are looking in the future for a great cart bag, IMO, the Sun Mountain C-130 is at the top of the list.
  • jaxxx123jaxxx123 Members Posts: 71
    what do you guys think of Ogio? I found a good deal on one
  • yenniednyenniedn Members Posts: 399 ✭✭
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    Ogio bags have always intrigued me and when the shling system was released, that was the clincher . . . I had to have one.

    Long story short, I was greatly disappointed in the Ogio Vision . . . and I've only owned two Ogio bags in my lifetime and between the two of the combined, they've seen exactly ONE round of use. The first bag was returned to the store and the Vision sold before it ever saw a course.

    Most will confirm that they are HEAVY and that was probably my biggest complaint too. Other concerns were the features they include in their bags can either be viewed as innovative or gimmicky, depending on who you ask. I wasn't crazy about the overall ergonomics of their bags (probably just used to many years of using Pings). Lastly, I was always annoyed with their slopping stitching - but that's probably just me being anal.
  • schubox66schubox66 Members Posts: 9
    Ping makes the best all the hoofer models are awesome. The CRazy LIght is really a great deal for under a hundred
  • Punchy50Punchy50 Members Posts: 151
    I've played Ping bags for a long time until earlier this year. Picked up a Hoofer Xtreme and wanted to like that bag, but it was terrible. I've checked out the new and improved version a couple weeks ago, but it seems the grips will still get stuck with the crappy full length dividers they use and there isn't a separate putter well. Now I use an Ogio Grom and it has been a great bag. It is a little heavier on paper, but a 1lb difference is hardly noticeable.
  • pitbull808pitbull808 Putter Hoarder Marshals Posts: 9,367 mod
    I'm biased....but why not help get the word out! image/drinks.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' />

  • GooseGoose Junior Mod Squad Posts: 1,270 ✭✭
    NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THE HOOFER VANTAGE I HAVE PERSONALLY TESTED THEM OUT THEY ARE SO LIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY ITS INSANE!!! They have a laser finder pocket, tee pocket , h2o pocket and plenty of other space.

    Check out this Vantage

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  • hammer190290hammer190290 Loretto School team member 07-08. Members Posts: 213
    Check out my hoofer xtreme which i got as a team bag for my new school in scotland.
  • yenniednyenniedn Members Posts: 399 ✭✭
    I have an '06 Hoofer Extreme and like it well enough . . . but you should check out the other thread in this section about the new Nike bags coming out at the end of this year.

    The Sasquatch Tour Carry Bag looks awesome!!!

    I still have their older Tour Air Carry Bag, which I consider one of the best bags I've ever had . . . but it's just hard for me to use anything for over one year straight!!! Always tempted to get the new stuff when it comes out!!!
  • mljones99mljones99 Members Posts: 1,842 ✭✭
    ogio edge
  • jaxxx123jaxxx123 Members Posts: 71
    I can get a new Ogio edge for about $120...what do you think? I really like how their bags looks
  • bwrose6846bwrose6846 ClubWRX Posts: 74
    After using Ogio's "woode" divider system, it's tough for me to go to anything else. I really like how the divider seperates my woods/hybrids - and the putter well design is great.

    Down side: a bit heavier on paper, and the stand lever is not great.

    If you have broad shoulders (like me), don't bother with the shling.
  • CUTigerCUTiger Posts: 257
    I went with titleist because I cant stand the dual (individual) straps. Great bag too!
  • Golfer1016Golfer1016 Members Posts: 920
    Ogio. The woode top is the best. I hated how with my old hoofer the clubs would always get tangled and it was a mess. My vaporlite is like there cheapest model and it still has all the stuff you need and some. There nicer models are insane with pockets and stuff. The zipperless ball pocket and the ball silos are cool on the nicer models.
  • jaxxx123jaxxx123 Members Posts: 71
    im down between the ogio exo or the edge
  • kblakeney35kblakeney35 Jr. Boomers Posts: 937
    Im gonna have to say the Sun Mountain Lightning ES would be my current favorite. Very light, comfortable, and holds everything I could want. the top divider where I put my woods/putter is a little cramped though. That would be the only bad thing I can say about it. I will have to try the Hoofer one of these days, in which case I may have to convert to the GolfWrx Hoofer image/ok.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':idhitit:' />


  • jmcjmc Members Posts: 746 ✭✭
    I got the Ogio Vaporlite for $50 new on eBay. Great light bag and has the Woode system. I would recommend getting the 2006 model since it has the water bottle pocket instead of the mesh. Not a ton of room for rain gear, but enough for a light jacket. Straps are good too...
  • Golfer1016Golfer1016 Members Posts: 920
    Man, $50 for a vaporlite. Thats pretty good. I just picked up a black one for $70 shipped. Between the 06 and 05 vaporlite its a tradeoff. You get a water bottle pocket on the 06 but loose the little accessories pocket on the ball pocket section.
  • dtgolderdtgolder Members Posts: 196
    Get any of the Ogio's with the "zipperless ball pocket" if you have a rangefinder...perfect place for that, so you can get to it without having to use a zipper all the time.
  • scottyallanbscottyallanb Berkley High School Golf Coach Members Posts: 1,735
    I have many stand bags and the one I get the most complimants on is the new Cleveland Tour Stand bag. You can pick them up for about $160. Here is the picture of the bag. I have the matching red white and blue launcher head covers. I also have a red white and blue Jan Craig headcover that looks great with it. I will try to post pictures of my bag later but here is the bag.
  • pm hackerpm hacker Bloody Lil' White Ball....... Charter Members Posts: 792 ✭✭
    Got to say the Oakley Stand Bag because I got it for free, otherwise it would be a GOLFWRX Stand Bag
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