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Guys with long arms ball position with driver help needed

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Hi All,


I'm 5'9 with long arms. My WTF is 29 inches. I was wondering how do you position the ball. I'm going by the standard inside left heel, but i can't find consistency with it at all. My swing feels like i don't have enough room to fully extend my arms. Anyone else have this issue, or tips.

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I have the same issue sometimes. What I will do sometimes is position the ball directly in front of my forward foot. Sometimes I'll even play the ball on the outside of my leading foot.


You don't really see many people play the ball as far forward as I do but I hit it far enough for people not to say anything about it.

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Im 5'9" with a 6'2" wingspan. Wtf is 29"...I play the ball off the instep of my forward foot. As for distance back from ball, I try to maintain a very slight squat and explode into and up through impact. I don't feel I reach with my driver. As for irons, most all r played at center or just back of center with my hands in close to my thighs. This forces me to turn/clear my hips down and through the ball.

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