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Anyone carrying a hybrid for use on Par 3s only?


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Tinkering with this idea
My home course consists of the following Par 3s. Yardages noted depending on where the tee markers are located on any given day.

#2 Par 3 175-200 yards
#5 Par 3 170-190 yards

#12 Par 3 105-115 yards (use a PW usually here, disregard this one.)
#16 Par 3 200-225 yards

I am thinking of adding a hybrid only for the three long Par 3 holes mentioned above off of the tee. I am pretty confident in my long irons while playing those long Par 5s at my course, but would like to add a hybrid for off the tee on these long Par 3s. I've even hit Driver and 3 Wood on #16 but that is usually too much depending on the wind. Speaking of those long Par 5s, my course is EXTREMELY TIGHT, therefore I feel more confident in playing long irons in the FW. I rarely hit 3W, usually my 2 or 3 irons in these situations.

Thinking of adding a 3/h or 4/h to my bag for these Par 3 holes.

Anyone else have a "Par 3 killer" in their bag for use on your longer Par 3s at your home course or do you play your hybrids everywhere and not just on your longer Par 3s?
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I use a hybrid 3-iron for approach shots on long par-5's and even some par 4's if I hit a short tee shot, or I have to lay up. I don't even carry a 3-iron in my bag any more, and will replace my 4-iron soon.


I don't really use it off the tee much, which is weird I guess. I'm so comfortable taking something off a 5-wood, that it's just more comfortable for me. However, I am investingating using a more traditional 7-wood for longish par-3's. Any recommendations on a manufacturer?

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Sure why not?! At the course that I'm likely going to be joining this year there are two Par 3's there that play right into the wind coming off of Lake Erie. The one hole is 215 yds right into the teeth of the prevailing wind I can get there no problem with a 4 or 5 iron (with very little wind) but that wind really gusts at times and makes it play about 240 sometimes. The other is a 230 yd Par 3 that plays uphill the whole way to a undulating two-tier green. With that same wind it easily turns into a 245yd Par 3 this hole is a tad more inland and a little more protected. Either way the Wilson Staff Hb5 that I'm buying so will take care of the problem. 17* of loft...perfect. The shortest Par 3 there is 175yds. All of these are yardages from the tips.


Hit'em Pure,



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Hybrids, in my experience, are evangelical. I would venture that if you allow one in your bag, you will utilize it more and more. You may find it converting other clubs into hybrids. Follow the word, brother.


My experience. I had driver, 3wd, 5wd, 3i, 4i, etc. In Fall and Spring there is wind and 5wd was too long down wind and too short into the wind. Fall before last, I picked up a year old 60% off Mizuno Fli-hi. Bent it to 2i loft, took the 5 wd from the bag in the Spring. Penetrating ball flight, more forgiveness, versatile for chipping and low running recoveries, kept the 5wd out of the bag. This past fall I bought a 1/2 priced one, again a year old but a year newer than the first. Now I bent this one to the loft a 3 1/2 iron. Out came the 3i and 4i and I am looking for more short game success by adding another wedge. I have had great success with them and they ARE more forgiving. Since my longest true iron is a 5i, I am getting MP60s this year. Overall, they are a great innovation.

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Last year I used a Callaway 4 heavenwood for anything from 160-185 yds. The results were actually pretty good. From 200-215 yds I like the 7 wood and 210-220 yds I like the 5 wood. I lost so much confidence in my irons I was actually hoping Callaway came out with a left handed 7 hybrid. At a Nike demo I tried the 29* hybrid with poor results. The slingshot 6 iron worked great. So two weeks ago for my 40th birthday ordered a set of Ping G5 irons, 4-pw. Played them once but I'll have to figure out what role the 4 hybrid will be playing this year.

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I purchased a 22 degree Halo specifically for two 190 yd par 3's at my home course.


It has worked out well, I used to try and hit a soft 5 wood or a hard 4 iron without much success.


What I really like is:

1. I can hold the greens much better

2. I can work the ball either way


I have since purchased a 19 degree Halo for a 210 yd par 3. Although my primary reason was long Par 3s, these clubs also come in handy for punching out of trouble (draw, fade or straight), long chips, or hitting off the deck on Par 5s.

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yup...I have a bag full of hybrids. I play the japanese TM rescues. I started with the 17* and I added the 20*, than the 23*, then the 14* which bumped a 15* smoothie out of the bag. These things are so damm easy to hit, I just couldn't not buy them.


They get a lot of odd looks but they just plain work.


I went to a charity tournament this summer where it started in the parking lot from the bag guys..."hey ever hear of irons?"


The first hole for us was a 185 yard par 3 where there was a pro (a pretty good one) that for 20.00 would hit a ball for each player for the charity and we would also hit our own.


I got a bit crap from my partners and the pro who I know a little bit, as to the rescue.


We all hit, then the pro would hit. I hit a nice little cut to six feet and he told me to keep my money as he wouldn't get it closer. As it was for charity I handed him a 20.00 and he was right, he didn't.


I started with a nice birdie however......



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Pulled the trigger today on this since my wife and kids got me a gift card to my local golf shop for Valentino's day. Settled on the Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX 3 ironwood, stiff, arrgh! They didn't have one in steel so I thought I would give this graphite shaft a try. If I don't like it, there is always eBay. Heck, for $80 these are practically throw away clubs. They also were on Golf Digest's Hotlist again this year. Plus I like the lifetime warranty and the 30 day playability guarantee. Now it just needs to warm up a tad so I can go hit this thing to see if I should have got the 4 instead.


FWIW-The shop had the new Srixon Hybrids in and they looked sweet! They were unpacking them while I was there.

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I do. There's a courses I play at during the season that is marked 156 to the center of the green, but the green is three tiered and plays uphill about 25yds. It also frequently plays in to the wind. To get it to the back tier and not have to hit a knock-down 5 wood I threw a Taylormade Rescue Dual 19 in my bag. It's awesome. If you like the sort of "metal tink" sound that Callaway woods make than this is a perfect club for you.

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