Mack Daddy 2 47* Wedge - How to find and shaft?

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who responded to my other posts. I've learned quite a bit over the past week posting and listening.

I want to pick up a Mack Daddy 2 Chrome 47/11 wedge (the callaway website lists this as possible -

This is kindof perfect for my gapping - my pw is 44, but is SGI, my gw is 49 in the SGI and 52 in the mack daddy's, but I'd like to replace the SGI gap wedge with this 47* mack daddy (or at least try it). Typically i carry the "real wedge" (i.e. non-SGI) a little shorter than the one with all the technology in it, so going 44-47-52-56-60 makes a lot of sense to me. Yes, this is a lot of wedges, but I hit it pretty far and on my local I have wedges in my hand a bunch.

There are only two problems:

1. I can't find the 47* mack daddy for sale anywhere, including google search, CPO and ebay after a while monitoring both. Even the big box stores near me (Edwin Watts and Dicks) cut off at 50*. Any suggestions?

2. Does anyone know what the stock dynamic gold wedge shaft is in the Mack Daddy? It just says "dynamic gold - wedge" on the label. I need to replace the shaft on the 60* with one, but I'm not sure *which* dynamic gold shaft it actually is. The 56 and the 52 are my favorite clubs, and they have the dynamic gold shaft. Its fairly heavy, but not as heavy as an s400. Not sure what it is, but would like to match it in the 60 and the 48.

Thanks in advance,

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