[Updated w/pics] A Quick and Dirty Golf Ball Review.

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Nike One Black vs. Titleist ProV1x vs. Taylormade TP Red

This is a follow up post based on my early season experimenting. I'll try to be brief, and to start here's some info leading into my comments about these balls:

I have about a 97-106 driver club head speed. Why the discrepency? I have a ruptured disk that can rob me of a few MPH late in a round, or on bad days. But there you have the driver speed for your consideration while reading this. I also consider myself an extremely accurate driver. I can shape drives but straight is my go to shot on drives. (A quick plug for the NIKE 5900 here though because this driver is stupidly easy to bomb.)

My weak game is long iron play from fairways/rough and putting (lately). My wedge play I would consider strong, with decent ball control. It's still early so it's not quite as sharp.

Again the balls in my quick and dirty review are all 2008 models of the Nike ONE Black (NOB), Titleist ProV1x, and the Taylormade TP Red.


All three balls have a similar feel/sound. Since they say 80% of feel is sound derived, I'll say these balls have become fairly similar in this category.


I'd suggest all three of these balls are aimed at the same type of player. The overall distance of all three is -extremely- similar if you hit them correctly. However, that being said I would say a mishit on the ProV1x is the most costly to your game. The Nike One black was shockingly deep at times, where I would say the Taylormade Red was the most consistent for distance.

NOB: 8-10. Obviously not a pure distance ball, but very deep. An upgrade on last year's model by a longshot.

V1x: 7-10. A great ball when struck pure, but if my swing was beneath optimal swingspeed, I would say this was a tad shorter in most situations.

TM TP Red: 9-10. I give it a nine, only because there might be something better in this ball category, but I don't know what it is. I have to award this a 9 out of 10 even though I think my longest drives were with the NOB because the TP Red simply outdistances the others no matter the swingspeed (overall). An incredible distance ball for a premium ball, at a -very- wide range of swingspeeds.

Driving Accuracy and Forgivess:

NOB: 8-10. This ball showed me a bit more spin off the driver than I expected. I could shape a drive but a slight over the top move would pronounce a slightly undesireable effect. Nonetheless, fairly forgiving.

V1x: 8.5-10. Extremely similar shot shape to the NOB. The forgivenss on an errant swing was surprisingly good. I can only give it a slight edge over the NOB in this category, but considering shortgame ability, I was pleasantly surprised on the lower driver spin results.

TM TP Red: 9.5-10. If your swing is on fire, these balls are very close in driver forgivenss, but if that fire goes out, I'd say you can gain confidence on off days with the TM TP Red. There were times I was sure I'd lose the ball a bit right (fade) but it holds the line extremely well.

Wind considerations. Yesterday's testing for me ended up with a great opportunitty for wind testing. I was on an open course with gusty winds. Some were quite punishing for par 5's. I would have to say the TP Red would be my wind ball of choice. This might be a direct side effect of reduced driver spin rate, but it's worth mentioning this translates into a very respectable 'straight ball' in gusty conditions.

Wedge Play/Irons:

NOB: 8.5-10.
A definite improvement over last year IMO. I'm not surprised though as the driver spin was moderate as well. It feels nice to cut into with a wedge and you can be confident of a hop and stop effect.

V1x: 9.5-10. If you have a moderate to high spin game to begin with, I would consider this the ultimate dart thrower of the three. My testing of this ball's shortgame was a week ago, and it still stuck out for me as a great short game tool. VERY respectable short game spin considering the driver forgiveness.

TP Red: 8.5-10. Consistently spun a tad lower than the other two. I would not put it in the V1x category for shortgame spin; however, it is still very accurate. A huge surprise considering I rank the TP Red as the most forgiving/overall long ball in the driving category. Technology is getting scary, ain't it?


This was a fairly easy category. In my V1x testing, I probably would not play the ball more than a round. It had the most scuffs, and a smiley face at the end of the day. Not bad, but not great. In this category I would give a significant, but equal lead to the NOB and TP Red.


A very personal category in my opinion. I actually found all three balls to be very soft, and very similar. If I had to split hairs, I'd put the TP Red at the bottom of the three, but not by much.


Three similar balls that target the same market. The technology of all three is amazing and top rate stuff. I think these three balls proove the 'premium' ball is meant for all players. I would say my surprises came the most from the TP Red. Last year's offerings didin't really do much for me. Although the NOB is also noteably improved, I have to say the TP Red (comperable to last year's TP Black) is like a completely new ball. In my opinion both the NOB and TP Red are doing their own thing, but have caught up to the V1x in many categories.

Overall I feel the TP Red is my safe ball choice. By safe I mean the ultimate driving forgivenss will be there for you when your swing has left the building for a while. But when you're swinging well the TP Red doesn't disappoint at all. Forgiveness, driving distance, and respectable shortgame combine for making the TP Red my favorite. A total surprise to me.

Here in Canada, the TP Red is the cheapest of the three balls making the choice a tad easier. The ProV1x would probably move up in my rating if it was a little kinder to <100 Mph swing speeds (I don't think this is a low swinger's driving ball), and if the durability was a little better. Still the ProV1x is my favorite wedge ball. The Nike ONE black was very close to the TP Red in my overall choice; however I felt on off days the TP Red would get me the most mileage off the driver tee (where I felt the balls differentiated themselves from each other).

If you've read this far, thanks, and I have to say this is just my personal opinion and I wanted to whip up a quick review to repay you guys who have done such an awesome job reviewing other balls. I hope you've gotten something out of this. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':russian_roulette:' />
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    Good read thanks for your input, I use two of the balls you tested, the TP Red and the Pro V1x, agree with you on everything you comment on, love both balls, best ball for windy conditions is the Taylormade, still not so sure on which I prefer when its still
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    Thanks for the quick review. I have been playing the Pro V1X and bought a sleeve of the TP Red and TP Black. I like the

    Pro V1X over the TP Black, but have not given the TP Red a play yet.

    I look forward to trying them out this week. Your review gave me things to look for.
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    Was that the 2007 TP Red or the 2008 TP Red LDP?
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    All balls were 2008 models. Again, just my opinion but last year's TP Black (which was more comparable to this year's TP Red) is a very different ball. I didn't care for last year's version at all compared to the new one.

    Craz-e, thanks for reading the review and I certainly appreciate you had similar findings.

    Crayaco, enjoy the testing and let us know your take on it. I certainly don't pretend to have the last say on this. I think golf balls are a fairly personal choice.

    Thanks again for reading the review.
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    Your results are very similar to mine. I actually prefer the '08 Taylormade TP Black LDP over the RED only because the RED felt a little too soft for me. But that's just personal preference. Both are outstanding.

    Where the new TM's shine....just as you noticed.... is on driver mishits. They carry noticeably farther than the ProV1x or any other ball I've tried.

    IMO, the RED gives you a slightly flatter ball flight with the driver, whereas the TM BLACK has a little higher trajectory. Both are long & perform great in the wind.

    I agree that the Prov1x is the best around the greens....but the TM's are very competitive. Distance on mishits is the deal closer for me too.
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    Two quick questions for you, ColinMB:

    1) What's your swingspeed so I have a ground for comparison with mine and

    2) Are you going to be updating the ball in your sig? image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wacko:' />

    As a ball ho I'm grateful for the detailed review image/drinks.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':shok:' /> .
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  • ColinMBColinMB  1836WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1,836
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    I have about a 97-106 driver club head speed.

    As far as my golfball sig file, I guess I might. To be honest I felt both the NOB and TM Red were super close. I think the difference in short game might be the way to decide. I'll be doing more testing of these two balls. Plus the fact is I have several new NOB balls so I'll be hitting them for a while. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    I'm glad you liked the review. I'll be back I'm sure with more feedback from these three balls.
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    Great review! I wish more people would offer more course experience when they review things, instead of saying XYZ is the best, or ABC is the worst.

    I played a TP Red I found once, it looked like it was a new ball. In fact, based on where I found it on the course, I deduced it was hit there on a bad tee shot, only hit once and left for gone, so it was practically brand new. I was on the last few holes of a par three, when I put it into play and was only using PW/LW and putter. Seemed to me that it was not durable at all. I put some marks and cuts on a ball that really looked new when I put it into play. Still, I can not say that definitively as I found the ball.

    Can anyone else comment on that? Durability is a big issue for me.
  • bradskibradski  2409WRX Points: 163Members Posts: 2,409 Platinum Tees
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    as stated before the red you found is the old model most likely which is comparable with the regular prov1. i have hit a few and any of these covers will get worn out faster than a hard two piece ball. but the taylormades seamed to be as good as any other high end ball.
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    Nice Review. I'm just getting back into the swing of things after a 3 1/2 year hiatus (additions to the family) and am shocked at all the new products on the market. I used the play the proV1x, but now that my money is going to toys & clothes, I want a decent golf ball without the hefty price tag.
  • labillyboylabillyboy  465WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 465
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    I try every new ball that comes out... if there is a clearly better ball; I will play it at any price, with that said, I have found the new TM Red ball to be great at about $.50 a ball less than the V1x. I have a higher swing speed (120) but find a similar experience to your review. I have switched from the V1x to the TM Red.

    For me it is the principle, not the money I always have felt like Titleist was ripping me off going back to the old Tour Balata's. They wore out fast and cost more than any other ball did... BUT they were much better balls and if you could afford them you played them.

    Now, there are several balls on the market that perform equally, some are at Titleist's $46 a dz. price point while TM is at $36. I am going to reward TM for choosing to offer their premium ball that performs as good or better than Titleist V1x at a better price.

    I will keep my eyes open for any ball which comes along that I like better... even if it is from Titleist at $50 a dz.

    Thanks for the review!
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  • kinneywhatkinneywhat  723WRX Points: 55Members Posts: 723 Golden Tee
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    I agree with basically everything the original poster had to say. Those balls have performed similarly for me. I love the TM TP Reds. I also real like the Callaway Tour balls. The Tour feels better and performs better for me off wedges than the ProV1, and is slightly more durable, but not much. I really like the HX Tour IX. Nice all around ball with better durability.

    My balls this year will be HX Tour IX and TM TP Reds. Love those balls. The tour IX were the furthest balls for me, but like I said, the regular tour was the best short game ball, but the durability killed the appeal of the ball for me. I need my balls to last AT LEAST one round (assuming I keep them in play image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':yes:' /> )
  • Bite BiteBite Bite ~The Voice of Reason~  504WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 504
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    From a fellow Canadian: Great review! Appreciate you taking the time. I may look into the TM Red now rather than the ProV1x
  • alex1alex1  56WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 56
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    Im never buying TP reds again, i hit 3 shots with it while practising wedge shots and the cover of it is absolutely demolished and its almost lost its dimples in parts.
  • Kyle MKyle M  283WRX Points: 80Handicap: 1Members Posts: 283 Greens
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    I finally found some TP reds in stock this past week and am going to give them a try. Edwin Watts near me is having a difficult time getting them and keeping them in stock. As of Thursday they still didn't have any TP Blacks and weren't sure when they were coming in. I want to pick up a dozen of those for when the greens firm up down here.
  • ColinMBColinMB  1836WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1,836
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    alex1 wrote on May 3 2008, 03&#58;05 AM:
    Im never buying TP reds again, i hit 3 shots with it while practising wedge shots and the cover of it is absolutely demolished and its almost lost its dimples in parts.

    Well that is a fair assessment. I imagine most people will have differing opinions, but this one kinda surprises me.

    For the sake of being impartial, I shot a full round yesterday with one Taylormade TP Red LDP ('08) model ball.

    I took pics of the ball after cleaning it post round. Details include:

    -The ball found water once, but barely rolled in so I retreived it with a wedge.

    - The ball found woods once, it was a fairly hard 6 irons shot that ricochetted off of trees.

    - I have brand new, sharp edged Titleist Vokey wedges, and although I'm a very average golfer, I do enjoy a 'one hop stop' wedge shot. This ball saw lots of those, included 3 greenside sand trap shots.

    SO keeping that in mind, here are shots of the ball I just took after 18 holes:


    Note above that this might be the worst 'cut' if you will. It is beyond paint, and there is a slight flattening of a few dimples, but stil easily playable...


    Note above the opposite side of the ball from the first picture. Another paint abrasion, merely surface only.


    Note in the above image another abrasion. I had put a red line over the seam for putting assistance, it all came off by about the 14th hole.

    Again this ball is easily playable for another round. So your mileage may vary... but the above pics show my results after a round.

    On a side note, Golfballselector.com recommends the Bridgestone B-330s for my game so maybe I'll add that ball to the review.
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  • multimulti  114WRX Points: 55Members Posts: 114 Bunkers
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    Strange, I thought the LDPs said LDP on the seam?

  • alex1alex1  56WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 56
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    Well i can't find the camera but mine are alot worse. I have got plastic sticking up all around it and im missing some dimples. Maybe mine was a defective pack??
  • ColinMBColinMB  1836WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1,836
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    Strange, I thought the LDPs said LDP on the seam?

    That's a good catch. I also thought the same thing when I opened the box. I should email Taylormade on it. I don't know if it's left over packaging or not, but the sleeves are also the 'old' type. However, the box is the new box, with LDP on the cover as shown here:

    LDP Box

    But yea, the sleeves are carry over and so is the seam stamp. I'm in Canada so who knows what bizarre reason may have lead to this. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':yes:' /> You know what is funny though is I tried the 2007 TP Black and didn't find I liked it that much. I only tried for two rounds, but felt it was mediocre. If this ball was the 'old' TP Red, I'd be surprised because I -am- a higher spin player and have always gravitated towards the 'V1x' type of ball. Regardless, this ball rocks. I'm emailing TM to find out the skinny on the old sleeve design/old seam stamp in the new box. Will keep you posted....
  • kinneywhatkinneywhat  723WRX Points: 55Members Posts: 723 Golden Tee
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    I played Saturday, and used a TP red the front 9 and a HX Tour the back 9. The TP Red looked barely used after 9 holes. The HX Tour was pretty much unplayable after 9 holes. My srixon 701 sand wedge destroyed the cover both times I hit the HX tour with it. My Ping TOur lob wedge was much more friendly on the ball covers. BOth balls were great, but the TP red was far more durable. That being said, I thought the HX tour was slightly longer and felt a little better around the greens. I felt the TP red to be straighter though.

    Reallylike both balls, either way.
  • rcfishyrcfishy  168WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 168
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    Looks to me like someone did a little switcha-roo with the 07 and 08 tp reds you got. The new ones all say LDP and I seriously doubt TM made that mistake. However, if you like it the 07 Reds can be had at a steal right now!!!!!!
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  • ColinMBColinMB  1836WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1,836
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    By chance are you in Canada? I'm still wondering if I got switcharoo'd or not. But you're right.

    Funny thing is I never thought I'd like the 07 TP Red (if that's in fact what I have! lol) I mean it's waaay more forgiving on the driver than I thought, but that would explain the greenside spin......

    I'm a little peeved though if I got ro-sham-bo'd by Golftown.... We'll see. I'll go tomorrow.

    Oh and as a side note, I decided the pick up the ball that was overwhelmingly rated my #1 choice by Golfballselector.com: the Bridgestone B-330s. Can't wait to try it.
  • CERILLICERILLI  64WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 64
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    The Taylormades are definitely a great ball but for some reason i keep finding myself right back standing in front of the Titleist prov1x every trip to the shop. I would take either one honestly. Im just not a fan of nike equipment

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