Is the Sub Zero more forgiving than it used to be in prev?

Z4ParZ4Par Posts: 439 ✭✭
I texted our club pro a bit ago and told him I found a good deal on a rogue head. I was planning on testing the Rogue for sure and possibly the Draw model. However he said to try his and then I asked him if he had the 9 degree head and he said Yes in the sub zero model. 1. He must believe that my ball striking ability has improved enough to have me test this driver since he fit me into the Fusion to begin with and 2. Has Callaway made the Rogue Sub Zero much more forgiving than previous Sub Zero models?

I have never hit a Sub Zero model but from what I've seen its a smaller head compared to all other models in its class which I always assumed this model of club as unforgiving. I currently game a Fusion (very forgiving driver) and with the settings set up right for me I hit the center of the club face very solid right now. Looking forward to putting the Rogue Sub Zero to the same draw setting and seeing if it really is forgiving (forgiving enough) like I have read some places.
Callaway Rogue Draw Driver (10 Degrees) 9 Degree setup at +1, Neutral Setting - Aldila Synergy 50 (60 Grams) Stiff - Standard
Callaway Rogue 4 Wood (17 Degrees) - Aldila Synergy 60 (68 Grams) Stiff - Standard
Callaway Rogue 3 Hybrid (19 Degrees), 4 Hybrid (21 Degrees), 5 Hybrid (24 Degrees) - Aldila Synergy 60 (75 Grams) Stiff - Standard
Titleist 718 AP3 6 Iron (28 Degrees) through PW (43 Degrees) and Wedge (48 Degrees) - AMT Black S300 - Standard
Titleist SM6 - 52 Degree F Grind 8 Degree Bounce and 56 Degree F Grind 14 Degree Bounce - Project X 6.0 - Standard
2018 TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Sightline
Titleist AVX


  • Ryan5508Ryan5508 Members Posts: 447 ✭✭
    XR subzero was okay. Long drives with okay forgiveness.

    Epic subzero depending on weights was a great mix of distance and forgivness.

    Rogue sounds to be a tad more forgiving then the epic.

    I have a rogue on order from trade in deals from callaway. I played well with Epic this past year but hope for similar numbers with better misshits with the rogue and a different shaft.
  • taylormade4lifetaylormade4life Members Posts: 1,245 ✭✭
    I didn't notice a massive difference in the sub zero rogue vs sub zero epic, but the rogue in general seemed to be a tad more forgiving. Compared to my 2016 M1 it was 8 yards longer in mishits. Unfortunately I had surgery right after the demo day so I didn't order it yet, but have plans to.
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