M1 440 Head, Fly Z w/ Graffaloy Blue, TEE Glod Putter

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I have 3 items I'm posting this evening. All 3 items didn't' make the cut, and I'm looking for some extra $ to find the next failed experiment(s). Prices are pretty firm and include shipping east of the Mississippi (add $5 to west coast)

My only trade interest is a Cally 64deg PM grind.

1. Taylormade 2017 M1 440 head (SOLD) - Purchased from Global Golf a few months ago in "very good" condition. I've only played 1 round with it and prefer my 2016 M2. There's a chip on the top of the face that's not visible at address, and there's a minor scratch on the carbon fiber that's near impossible to photograph.

2. Cobra Fly X driver ($80) - Plays ~45.5" with original Graffaloy Blue stiff flex shaft. I've been scouring eBay for months for this shaft to stick in the M2 head since I love it in a Cleveland Classic XL I have in my now backup bag. I "accidentally" bought this club after a few adult beverages. I played 1 round with it and didn't find the magic I was hoping for. It comes with original HC, but no wrench. There is a scratch on the crown shown in the photos.

3. Tour Edge Exotics David Glod 4.1 Putter 33" ($120) - I love everything about this club... It's milled carbon steel, has a great black non-reflective/low maintenance finish, feels as good as any putter I've ever played, sets up perfect to my eye, has my favorite Scotty Pistolero grip. My problem is that I can't make a putt with it. I've played 3-4 rounds along with hours of practice, and have struggled mightily with it. Paintfill has been removed for a clean look. I have a hard time to find a single sign of use on this putter, but I'll let pictures be the judge. There is some signs of wear to the headcover per the photos.
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    Sweet putter
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    I tried sending you a private message but your inbox is full. I will take the M1 head
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    danno24 wrote:
    I tried sending you a private message but your inbox is full. I will take the M1 head

    Inbox is clear, sorry. I’ll PM PayPal.
  • BrownnlBrownnl Members Posts: 222

    M1 Head is sold. Feel free to make offers on the rest.

    I’d sell Fly-Z Head only for $40 if anyone’s interested.
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    So whats your miss with the putter? Push, pull, speed?
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    I’m struggling with alignment on the 5-10ft putts. I’m much more consistent with target line with my Anser style putter.

    Photo of toe hang:

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