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I recently bought a bushnell x2 pro but I was antes to know if anybody has any experiences with the golf buddy lr7s ? Is the x2 worth the extra $250


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    you going to have more luck getting the information you want if you add Golf Buddy V Bushnell -Range Finder Advice or something like that to the title.
  • KylemckKylemck Members Posts: 154 ✭✭
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    I have experience with both, the GB works great and grabst he Flag instantly with great optics and 3 different modes, as I have mentioned in other posts the technology on the lower priced lasers is now caught up...IMO there is no way the extra $250 for the X2 is worth it.
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    I believe the X2 has slope adjustment and is waterproof which accounts for some of the price. Then add in the Bushnell name and there you have it. I’ve had the lower model V4 for a couple years and it’s proven reliable and durable. The first week I had it I was driving down a bumpy cart path and the unit bounced out of the cup holder and down the path. It wasn’t fazed at all. By the way I’m still on the original battery whereas prior models would tend to use batteries often.
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