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I have been a Global Golf customer for years and have accumulated trade credits. Went shopping on the website and found a set of XXIO irons in excellent condition for $1079. Put them in my cart and decided to think about it so was poking around on eBay and Global has an eBay listing for the same set for $899. Guess I will call tomorrow to see what gives.


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    If you use flash15 you can get 15% off that price, and freeship50 gets you free shipping.

    Should get you below or close to the Ebay price!
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    I believe Callaway Pre-owned does this too...
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    Most of those companies have an eBay site as well. 2nd swing is another.
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    Call them. Odds are good they will give you the eBay price and may take some more off for whatever eBay fee they pay. I'm sure it's let than an individual seller pays but would still believe they pay some type of fee to eBay

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