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Ok guys need quick feedback. Is the bushnell tour v4 worth the extra money over the precision pro nx7 with slope? Can get both on a major sale today but have to purchase today. $60 difference, is it worth it? Thanks.


  • propmanpropman Members Posts: 1,737 ✭✭
    My brother and a buddy both have the Precision Pro and are very pleased with it. Personally, I would save my money and get it. Not sure what the Bushnell can do that's better.
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    I’ve got the Bushnell and like it very much. For me, it wasn’t about features as much as it was about the brightness and clarity. The Bushnell is just a lot clearer and that makes it easier, and a lot more enjoyable to use.
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    Nx7 pro without a question. As good as the bushnell with more features. Less cost. Better customer service. Top notch product.
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    Before getting the PP, my brother had a bushnell. He started getting inaccurate readings, He called their CS and was not happy with their response. I don't remember the details but he is very particular about his equipment. In fact, I was surprised he went with the PP as he seems to always purchase "name" products. I have a 5 yr. old Leopold (which is okay) and when I compare distances with the PPS, they are the same. The PP optics are clear to me (an old guy).
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    Awesome, thanks guys really appreciate it!
  • diablocrusherdiablocrusher Members Posts: 173 ✭✭
    You could also look into the range finder sold by Dallas golf. It’s their own branded range finder but it does all the same as the above mentioned brands but probably for than half the cost.

    I bought one several years ago and have no complaints. It does slope, has an option for fog and cost approx 120ish. I’ve played with guys who own bushnell’s and the numbers are spot on give or take a yard.

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    I switched to Nx7 Pro from Bushnell and haven't looked back. You won't be disappointed. Free batteries is a nice touch.
  • crazygolfnutcrazygolfnut CrazyGolfNut Members Posts: 1,177 ✭✭
    Nx7 Pro is the best value around. Good price and great service.
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  • CISM WayneCISM Wayne Members Posts: 127 ✭✭
    Both will do the job. Bushnell products are very durable.
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