Nike Method 001 Paint Fill

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Picked up a Method 001 yesterday and noticed that the paint fill in the sight dot, the Nike swoosh on the face, and a couple other areas is not black, but rather a dark shade of what I would call army green. From a distance you probably couldn’t tell, but in the sun it’s fairly noticeable.

I had one do these a few years back and I’m fairly certain the paint fill was black. I’ve also looked at just about every picture online that I can find and they all appear to be black.

Also, the thin milled line that runs the length of the sole from heel to toe (in the very center) is not perfectly straight. You wouldn’t notice it at first glance, but it’s definitley got some curvature to it. So all this got me wondering if this thing could be a fake.

I’d post pics but I don’t know if the color would even be that noticble in a photograph.

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    Could possibly one that came from overstock that Nike sold to various vendors like Dallas Golf- those often did not have paintfill or alignment aids so that could be added later based upon player preference.
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