Bethpage viewing advice

I'll be attending Round 1 of the PGA Championship next Thursday at Bethpage. Anyone have any suggestions on the best areas to post up to catch the action??


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    there's a nice intersection where you can see 9 green, 10 tee, 12 tee and 7th fairway shot into the green. another would be behind the 6th tee, youre near the 12th fairway into the green. its a big ballpark with a number of isolated holes, so those are my 2 best suggestions

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    Great, thanks!

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    Also, 15 tee, 16 green, 17 tee and 1 green are pretty close to each other. At the Barclays in 2012 I followed Tiger to the 7th fairway and then hung out behind 10 tee and 12 green. Then followed Oosthuizen and Westwood. Went from seeing maybe every fourth shot with Tiger to being one of maybe four people following Westwood and Oosthuizen.

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    That's awesome, I want to watch Tiger for a few holes but definitely plan to try to find areas where I can just watch the field come through. Thanks for the advice!

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