B330 vs. TP Red LDP

tincup6tincup6 Members Posts: 42
I switched to playing the Bridgestone Tour B330 last year from the ProV1X, because the X spun way to much for me off the short irons and I had a hard time controlling it. I have seen a lot of post saying how the new Taylormade TP Red's spin less than an X as well and I was wondering if anyone had compared it to the B330.


  • muxi87muxi87 muxi87 Members Posts: 5,263 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    yep, I religiously played the B330 last year, but have switched to the TP LDP Red.

    I can't really say, hey it does this or that, it's just quite frankly a better ball for me.

    I've really struggled with finding a ball that performs the way I like, and this does it in every aspect of the game: minimal ballooning, I never get unexpected crazy amounts of backspin as I have always gotten with other balls, it really flies off the driver, it goes through the wind like no other, it spins perfectly into greens for me, it checks when I want and doesn't when I don't want it to with wedges around the green...I mean all in all, just a BETTER BALL for ME.

    Bridgestone makes a good ball, I just prefer the new TP ball. You should give it a try. I tried it, love it, and am fully stocked up for the year!
  • PurePursuit PurePursuit Members Posts: 2,237
    I have to agree and say the TM LDP Red was an all around better ball for me than the B330...
  • craz-ecraz-e Members Posts: 4,199 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Another vote for the Taylormade Red, never liked the B330 range, but at least I gave them a go
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    While searching for a higher spin ball that feels like the E6+, I tried the B330 and the TM TP Red LDP.

    The B330 felt a bit hard compared to the TM Red. The Red was longer off the tee and irons for me, and as Muxi87 posted, the Red's spin is more controllable.

    I've shortened my driver for accuracy. My driver swing speed is just under 100 mph. My impression/guess was that I wasn't compressing the B330 enough to get the performance it was designed to give.

    Another vote for the Red.
    not to ruin the red party but i definitely like the b330 s better..the taylormade flew about 5 yards longer off the tee but didnt even compare when it came to greenside play..could also be due to the fact that i play on the hardest baked bermuda out here in arizona...def like the b330 s better out here

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