Edel Homage 8802, JDM woods

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1.Edel "the Homage Putter" 34 inches. Standard loft/1 degree flat. Limited Run Number 10 of 20

Superstroke Flatso 2.0

A bit of sole wear and a few specs of wear on the face. Can take more pics if necessary.

$200 OBO

Headcover included

2. Kamui 456 Driver head 8 degrees, 2 degrees open

Only played for a few rounds, clean topline and sole.

Long and low spin

$125 OBO

Headcover included

3. Kamui 3 wood 15 degrees, 1 degree open, Project X 8A2 7.0

A good bit of face wear and a little scarring in the top paint coat from sandy balls

$75 OBO
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  • KuroOuji54KuroOuji54 Members Posts: 779 ✭✭
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    Would love to trade for that Edel
    WITB (for this week =)
    - TC GBB 9.0 w/KK SS 60s Proto
    - TC Alpha 816 16* w/Voodoo 7s
    -Tour Issue Dhy Pro 21* / 18* hybrids w/Matrix Tour White/Black Ties
    -Mp63 raw 4-p w/Black Smoke KBS120s
    -Mp10 52-56-60’s
    -Putter - revolving door but lean towards Tour Issue Ody’s

    Testing - Everything and Anything to try and improve. Golf is all what you make of it!

    ***always up for trades***
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    Driver sold. Putter pending.
  • KuroOuji54KuroOuji54 Members Posts: 779 ✭✭
    3 wood down to $50 plus shipping.
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