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09 Ping 50th PGA Merchandise Show - Part 2

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Ok! I'll just say what is on everyone's mind.


Ping Really disappointed me at the show. Maybe my expectations were too high; but I expected more than just a new paint scheme. Here was a GOLDEN (yes pun intended) for Ping to really create some more buzz and nothing.


I could not agree more. I was expecting something special from Ping to mark their 50th (for instance, a reintroduction of their most famous product ever - the Eye 2's?), but what they did was the bare minimum. Actually, I think it reeks of being "shlocky".


I just expected more from Ping.

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It's too bad their 2 year product cycle did not coincide with the 50th anniversary.....

TM M1 Kurokage shaft
TM RBZ 3 wood stock Ozik shaft
TM R11 4 wood Fujikura Rombax 6X07
TM RBZ with Oban Revenge shaft
Ping G irons 4-UW
Nike VR 56*
Nike VR 60*
Black Lab oil can 350g custom grind by Geo
Ping 4 Under carry bag

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Well, as a PINGman, as you can see from checking WITB, I am GROSSLY disappointed. Mere words barely express it. I am not pleased. I am so far from pleased that the light from pleased takes 8 years to get to where I am.


I am not going to trade in my V2 for one with a fancier paint job. In fact, they just introduced the Rapture V2 line a few months ago ... they could've jumped the gun a bit (no one would have blamed them) and done the 50th anniversary color scheme then. Again, in no way am I'm shelling out money to replace my current Ping clubs with 50th anniversary ones.


What a load of crapola. I expected something more (and had money set aside to acquire it). Maybe they'll surprise us later. It's their birthday all year, I suppose.

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