Masda Magmax d65 shaft

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Anyone have any info on these shafts? Can't seem to find any on them. What are the launch/spin characteristics? Do these play soft to flex? Looking to pair this with an Epon AF 103. My SS is 105 mph, aggressive transition with low ball flight and low spin. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    I’d probably go with the heavier version (red - can’t recall name off the top of my head). I couldn’t control the 65, but the 80x is a fairway finder for me. My SS is similar to slightly less than yours.
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    Thanks for the info. Looking on Rakuten for a driver and all these shafts are all unknown, but then again, so are the heads. Looking for a combo that's anti-left and can help increase my launch a little higher with some spin as well. A mid/mid combo would be ideal probably.
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    Decided to go the trial and error route. Bought a Romaro 460HX driver with Crazy Noir TJ-46 shaft. Read great things on both, so should hopefully work out well. We'll see what happens when it gets here.
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