New Taylormade black - scuffing after one solid hit

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I've been reading about the new Taylormade black ball scuffing,

but really didn't believe it would scuff as easily as if did.

I had two solid iron hits, and the ball scuffed not just a little bit on both balls.

I can't believe Taylormade would make a ball like this.

I actually cannot recall ever scuffing a pro v1.

Anyone else having the same experience.


  • taylormadefantaylormadefan Members, ClubWRX Posts: 3,649
    TaylorMade balls are painted to cover the slightly yellow of the urethane. So what you're seeing is scuffed paint, not cover damage.

    Golf ball durability seems to be one of those things that differs from person to person. But the new Pro V1 is one of the worst balls for me durability wise.

    I've been testing out the TP Red and have been really pleased with the durability. I'll post some pictures of two balls I've played for 18 holes each. Other than a run in with a cart path I've had great success with them.
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    I played last years red ball and never had a ball scuffed.

    Are you saying that the new red ball will not scuff as easily as

    the new black ball, or they would both be the same.

    I went to the black because of the distance with the ball.

    Even if this is true about the paint, and I have no reason to believe

    it's not, it doesn't seem like a good way to make a ball.

    To spend $40 and have balls with with marks all over them.

    I haven't played the new pro v1, but what kind of problems did you

    have durability wise.

    Played last years pro v model without any problems.
  • akaoneakaone Members Posts: 152
    I play the TP Red and my experiences with them have been that they are very durable. Played 1 ball 36 Holes the other day.
  • duffer888duffer888 Members Posts: 1,874
    The TP Black has a very soft cover and I scuff them fairly easily after full wedge shots. And we're not talking just paint. I get that feathered edge look. The TP Red was a bit more durable for me. This is for the 2007 balls though, FWIW.
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    My TP black LDP's are screwed after one round. As for saying its paint damage and not cover. I beg to differ, I can cut into them quite badly. Marginally better than prov's though, which i destroyed very quickly.
  • JohnnyNight JohnnyNight Members Posts: 646 ✭✭
    Yes, I would have to agree, this is more than paint be scratched.
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