Debating on a change.

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Currently gaming the 2016 M2 driver and 3hl. Went to a golf fitting expecting to change to the Rogue or G400 and came out with the Cobra f8 giving me the best results. Pretty much the same distance but better dispersion (on the trackman ar least) than my M2.

Does anyone have experience with these 2 drivers or woods? If I move to the driver I will end up purchasing the 3 wood as well, just a thing I have that I like my woods to match.

Also I will be going from the Rogue Silver to the Aldila NV Green 2kxv shaft (any comparison here?). The green felt smoother to me in my short fitting time.

I used to play nothing. It Cobra Woods, with I think the Pro Speed S being the last one so sort of excited about possibly making a return.

Thanks in advance.


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    I stuck with the 2016 M2 although I was killing the F8. I took a F8 out of the shop and stuck a Evenflow into it just to hit for the day and it was awesome. M2 is a fairly unfriendly driver as far as dispersion IMO but I am a pretty straight driver of the ball so no issues for me
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    Cobra woods/hybrids are underrated IMO. Great sticks at a great price! image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    Golf64 wrote:
    Cobra woods/hybrids are underrated IMO. Great sticks at a great price! image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    Agree. I play the LTD and and love it, I plan on adding some fairway woods
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    I had the '16 M2 (on two occasions) and currently have the F8+, but with a pretty big gap in between (including Titleist 915D2, Epic, F6, and F7 in between). After direct comparison of my F7 to the F8 and F8+, I was surprised that I seemingly benefited from the reduced spin of the F8+ and seemingly didn't lose much, if anything, in terms of forgiveness. I did like the Aldila Green but ended up getting a good deal on an F8+ head and just keep the made-for Black Tie I had in both my F6 and F7. I'm really enjoying the combination. It's a seemingly bigger step up than the F7 was compared to the F6 and I pretty much broke even selling the F7 on a spare F6 Red Tie shaft I had laying around. I'm extrapolating backward a bit, but the F6 was as good as the Epic for me, and the Epic was slightly better in terms of ball speed than the '16 M2 and 915D2. The 915D2 was probably more forgiving than the F6, Epic, and '16 M2, but ever-so-slightly shorter and I didn't care for its sound (or the Epic's for that matter).

    I first gave Cobra a shot with the F6 on a lark based on the closeout pricing... I was getting pretty much the same distance compared to the Epic with a real-deal Red Tie and I was able to get the F6 driver, Baffler fairway, and hybrid new on clearance for less than resale on my Epic (meaning I could also sell my Epic fairway, upgrade my bag and stock up on some really good ball deals that were going at the time). The F6 and F6+ are still my budget/value recommendation (around $100 from Global with codes) and finding one with the made-for Black Tie can be an even better value since it is surprisingly good for a made-for shaft.
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    They're all good clubs, but its more likely you just happened to make better swings while holding the Cobras if you are basing this off one afternoon's results. It could just as easily been the other way around.
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