Spider Tour Headcover

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Mine sucks hard. The velcro doesn’t stick & unless i press it firmly and rest it on the bag just right, I’m turning around at the next tee to backtrack for it.

My og tank headcover fits, kind of. It’s like pulling out a suit you haven’t worn in a year and trying to stuff yourself in.... it’ll go on, but it’s not very comfortable for anyone.

I’ve searched and haven’t really found anything on this (which I’m sure I’ll get a response with a link to 20 of them....) but has anybody found a better cover, preferably a decent magnet, that fits the spider tour like goldilocks bed or a even fit like pair of thanksgiving fat pants would be ok, just a little room to give.

I’m not crazy about spending 100 on some custom job, another oem would be fine too, like the odyssey swirls, etc but not sure if they’re all the same size as the tank I’m using.
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    If you'd be OK spending $95 I'd highly recommend an Itsy Bitsy Spider cover from Robert Mark Golf. I bought one this summer for my Spider Tour and love it. The cover fits perfect, is very well made and the magnet is strong.
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    Why don't you just buy a couple magnets and cut a slit at the side stitching of the velcro and slide them under. Hand stitch it back and put a few stitches around the magnets to keep them in place (or buy some big flat round ones that can't move). Or have a seamstress do it. Will probably be really cheap.

    Mine is getting to the same point so I just started thinking about it.
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    Not a bad idea Bar..... I might try that.

    I like the robert mark covers but they are pretty **** expensive.
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    I took mine to my seamstress and he sewed new Velcro right over the existing. It was the “furry” side that needed to be replaced. $10 later I’ve got a functioning headcover again. TM really messed up on this.
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    Spider headcover is NOT good. Lost two. Bought a different model to replace my, "Limited" cover because the Ebay crowd thinks that version is more valuable.

    It's just poorly designed.
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