Refinish and reshaft a set of Penna's

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I have a set of Penna's (1,3,& 5) I found on ebay last fall and I would like to have them refinished and reshafted for play this season. I thoroughly enjoy lurking and sometimes posting in this area of the forums, so I thought I'd turn here first to hopefully find someone willing to do the work. I expect to pay for these services, and in addition to covering freight both ways, I am more then willing to pay what is fair.

Thanks in advance for your time, input, & help my fellow classic golfers.


Edit: when I say refinish, the work will be very minimal. With the exception of the driver that has a ding on the top of the head that needs correcting, the clubs are in playing condition as they are and really only need new shafts.
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    What shafts are you thinking about? How about some pics of the clubs?
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    Thank you for your reply Robert.

    I would like Dynamic Gold S400 if that’s possible, and at the same length they were made (43.5 inch driver best I could measure). I’m not sure how many shafts are available for these type of clubs, so I would be open to suggestions if Dynamic Golds can’t be made to work.

    The driver is really the only club that needs correcting. And if that could be done with just spot work, I’d be fine with that. I play these clubs, so I’m not too fussy about a pristine finish.

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    Forgot other picture of damage towards the rear of the crown on the driver head. Looks to be gouges out of the wood sadly
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    LH Toney Penna Mod 12 woods with Black Walnut finish- 1,3, and 5.

    You wish to switch from the Dynamic R shafts to Dynamic Gold S400- in just the Driver, or all three?

    Will see what we have around.

    Feel free to PM me.

    We note the "Toney Penna" soleplate stamp around the weight port is NOT PRESENT on ANY LH Persimmon club, but is present on every RH model.

    Before anyone suggests this isn't the case, heres a photo for reference.

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