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How is the Florida Junior Tour for younger kids....9-12 Division? My son is 8, but this may be a good alternative/supplement to USKG Regionals next year. A lot of the events look like 2 day/36 Hole events and ...........$65!!! Beats $295 or whatever for USKG Regionals. Wondering how the competition is. I feel like I've read on here before that it is pretty good and fields are of good size. Crusing through some recent past results, I recognize a few names of some good kids.


Field Sizes good?

Well Run / organized events?


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    FJT is an awesome tour for Florida residents. Great competition...generous with AJGa stars for the older divisions.
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    Everything the FJT does is good. Well run tournaments and the competition is just as good as US Kids regionals. Fields probably aren’t as big.

    ALL US Kids tournaments are over priced for what you get.
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